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Sensation, Story Of Lost Love
Sensation, Story Of Lost Love

© Sumith Chowdhury


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#Sensation of a soul

‌She signalled him to bring his face closer to hers.... As he drew closer to her, their eyes met, there were no words exchanged, their eyes exchanged a thousand feelings. She wanted to speak to him and he loved playing with words and conversations but decided not to speak. However, she eagerly waited for him to speak. She said, "I can't take it anymore krish. Don't love me so much. I'm not worthy." he smiled yet he fretted over her thoughts. "I love you Silica even if you hate me, you are my world, you are the reason I live, you are the reason I die with a smile on my lips. You are the best thing that can happen to me. You are God's gift to me." placing his hands on her cheeks as he brought her close with foreheads resting on each other and exclaimed, "just remember those moments we spent together, you may forget me but not the memories." The moment he said those words she hugged him tightly and cried like a small girl for as long as he can remember. She cried, "Your smile is my my world and your love for me is what keeps me going on. Yet, I fear for the day when we part ways. So I just want to go away from you to spare you from the overwhelming pain you will experience that time. Because your love for me is undefined." sharing their wonderful moments together, laughed a lot, cried a little, they parted ways to each other forever.


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