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Beauty Pageant And 4 Friends!
Beauty Pageant And 4 Friends!

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 Once there was a farmer who had Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey along with other animals. All three birds lived together as a family, laying eggs and raising chicks together. Raven was their mutual friend who visited them every day though, he lived outside the farm. 
It was a perfect spring morning, all birds where happy around the farm , Loosey playing with water, Lurkey dancing with her open feathers, and Henny Penny chasing a cat. Raven the crow came to them cawing! "Hey! friends, You all got a news from Raven... There is a new arrival in the farm" The crow cawed smilingly.

 Curious Loosey quacked, "Who is it?"

Turkey gobbled, " Tell me its not a cat! I don't like them." 

“Ok! Ok! I will say!” said the Raven. "But will give you only one clue, you must guess what it is! If anyone guesses it correctlt , I will share some cherries."

 All three birds said together, "Alright, go ahead."

Seeing their excitement and impatience Raven gave the clue, "It's a bird. " 

Lurkey gobbled, "Bird"????!!!

"Oh! Man!" quaked the Loosey goosey..

"Oh God! It shouldn't be Pigeons ! I hate their cooing day and night" Henny penny flaunted her feathers in anger.

Raven cawed with happiness, No.. it's not a Pigeon. Its a Peacock! Its a Peacock."

Out of disbelief all three birds screamed together ," What?????!!!"

Its been months after the arrival of Prince the Peacock. Every now and then the farmer takes pictures of his Prince. The Peacock does not talk to anyone. Every morning and evening he dances, flaunting his feathers and sometimes fly up and sits in the tree hanging his feathers which only made the other birds more jealous.

The farmer never showed the birds to any of his friends before but after the arrival of Prince, there were constant visitors in the farm. 

Summer was approaching. All birds had laid eggs. Henny Penny even got her 12 new chicks. The Single Peacock carelessly dancing around with no responsibilities made the birds to get more angry on him.

The town organizes Beauty Pageant for birds every year. Previous year Turkey Lurkey lost the cup to a Fantail Pigeon from the neighboring farm. So the farmer started grooming all the birds , getting them ready for the annual sport for the year. One day, it was 3 in the afternoon. When the entire farm was resting under the shade of the trees, Raven came with a dreadful news to the birds, that Prince the Peacock is the lead contestant for the year’s Beauty Pageant; Dismayed Turkey Lurkey started crying. Loosey and Henny hugged her to comfort her.

The big day arrived. This year the farmer actually took good care of all the birds along with the Prince. So he decided to take all of them to the competition though Prince was the only contestant. While the birds were getting loaded in the truck, the farmer got the news from the competition ground that the fan tail pigeon and Durkey Turkey, the winners of previous years actually walked out of the competition. The entire family started dancing and shouting out of joy. The farmer sent, Loosey, Henny and Lurkey with the family and decided to bring the Prince in the other Jeep.

Raven , the crow followed. The birds reached the competition ground. With sadness all the birds waited for the arrival of Prince. It was one hour and now it became 2! But neither the farmer nor the Prince showed up. Seeing the tensed farmers family running up and down made the birds get confused. All of a sudden they took out the birds , gave them damp wipe and sprayed something on them and tied colored ribbons around their neck. Lurkey understood what was happening.

She whispered to others in joy, " We are the contestants of the competition "

“What?” screamed Henny."I dont know what to do".

Loosey said, " Dont do anything! Just be yourself and walk gracefully and flaunt your wings and feathers."

Worried Lurkey gobbled, " But what happened to Prince?"

Hearing the constant cawing of Raven, Lurkey looked up the tree. Raven cawed at once. " You wont believe! You wont believe"

Raven said " Prince got hurt badly! He can’t participate in the Competition."

All birds shouted together, " What happened?"

Raven broke down and with tears rolling down, said  When the farmer was about to leave with Prince, a big snake came in to the farm which was actually chased by an eagle. The snake went inside the coop where all your eggs and chickens are kept. Seeing that Prince flew off from farmers hand and attacked the snake. He dragged the snake out of coop and had a very big fight with the snake and the eagle. He got injured badly and his feathers are broken... Farmer has taken him to the hospital"

Hearing it all the birds started weeping, meanwhile the bell rang and the competition started.

 The Henny said, "No i cant do it."

Loosey answered firmly ," No ! we must do it ... do it for Prince".

Lurkey Gobbled, "Yes! He saved our kids, he fought for us. We must do it for him. Let’s all remember how he walks and flaunts his feathers, and do exactly like him."

The birds walked like Prince, hiding their tears. It brought so much joy to the crowd. Everyone enjoyed the imitation of the peacock.
Surprisingly, Lurkey came first and Loosey came third and Henny got the fourth place with a title, best flaunting chicken!!!!

After the competition, everyone rushed to the farm to see Prince. The birds first ran to the coop to check on their chicks and eggs. Everything was safe. Only the farm got a little destroyed. The birds ran towards Prince.

 Seeing him in pain they all cried and said "Thank You Prince. Not only are you are so elegant and beautiful , but you are also very fierce and strong. We all were simply jealous of your beauty and never understood your nature. For us, You are the King of Birds."

Hearing all this, Injured Prince, The King of Birds, though limping, got up and performed a dance with the broken feathers  without uttering a word!

From that day all the birds decided to stay closer to Prince. Farm was much safer and protected than ever before! As usual the beautiful peacock continued his flaunting dance without uttering a word and not bothering other's gossips.

Moral of the story:
Never judge anyone before knowing them completely.
It’s not necessary that all beautiful things should be fragile and weak.
Flaunting beauty must have strength to be respected.
Jealousy can destroy all bonds.
Quiet, simple people are sometimes mistaken for being arrogant and egoistic. 
Flaunting is the nature of birds. It’s not their habit!
Learn good things from others.
Appreciate and be thankful.
Never under estimate yourself. Accept yourself for who you are.
Be happy for others.

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