Dreams To Die For.

Dreams To Die For.

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Mia, a 9 year old girl belongs to a very simple family, since her childhood she had no dreams or aims in her life unlike her parents want her to become a big doctor. Whenever people ask Mia whats her aim to become in her life, she always utter 'nothing'.That's the reason she never participate in any competition nor she had any prizes or certificates but she had a special attachment with sports.

One day Mia went to see a cricket match with her parents and India is about to lose but suddenly M.S Dhoni sparked the stadium with his unique shot and India won the match,there Mia realized that people always applause the one who not only dream of something but have full potential to achieve it and that sparkling moment made Mia to have a big dream to become a 'Cricketer' and not only cricketer but 'Women's cricket team captain' like 'Mithali Raj '' and she will be known by the best female cricketer in the history. When she told the same to her parents, they are surprised to heard, as they always dream to make their daughter a big and successful doctor, still Mia's mother told her that " Parents always dream to see their children reach at heights and achieve what they want" saying this her mother said she is always with her. Then Mia started practicing cricket everyday and night.

Reaching the age of 12 Mia won many matches in her school and got many prizes and certificates, her dreams was all her ways,seeing her work hard and up growing performance her fathers heart melted and he started supporting her.

All goes well, Mia also got chance to played in district, state and national matches and was selected for under 19 women cricket match. At the time of match Mia accidentally broke her leg bone and one of her leg is been lose, she taught that life and her dream is gone forever, she loses every hope from her life and cricket is finished forever but she asked to herself that this cannot be the ending of her life, she will fight against her disabilities, she have to be a successful cricketer and captain, what if its playing with one leg, she has to prove the world that disabilities cannot come in between of anybodies dream and show the world that girls can also fight and can also play as girls are not weak, so she started working very-very hard , grabbed her full potential, she fall 10 times down but stand again 20 times more and prepare herself for the final match, people also discouraged her by saying that she cannot play with one leg only but this can't stop Mia as she had decided that's her only dream and she can die for it but achieve it. But the final match was postponed twice, Mia feel heartbroken and feels like god is taking her test but she still have courage.

Finally the day of finale match, Mia and her family, friends are nervous, so many people are shocked, few even laughed and said that 'a disabled person cannot play and been a girl that's impossible'. Mia has to give answer to all those people who think that a disabled person cannot play and any girls can do anything they wish for, its challenging for Mia to achieve her dreams and prove the world wrong.Finally Mia started bating at the last ball , at that moment she closed her eyes and think about her dream she had dreamed for and then she opened her eyes confidently and strikes the ball in the air and won the match, everyone there got surprised and but started applauding Mia and her parents feel so much proud for her they even started dancing and crying.

When Mia was asked how she feel, she only said work hard, play hard , believe yourself and the magic will automatically work, she also said she always had one dream in her life and can do anything to achieve it, no matter the luck is with her or no and she become the youngest 'Indian Women Cricket team captain' and she is also known by Mia 'The Golden girl'.

'Moral of the story'

"Take a deep breathe let the problems enter in your life, have the strength to destroy the power of problem."

"Don't close your eyes and let the things go worry, find out the reason which make them worry."

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