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Compete Against Yourself
Compete Against Yourself



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I am a software engineer by profession. My age is 30. I am playing the roles of many characters like a father, a son, a husband, a brother and a friend. I didn’t get any job via on-campus, even I passed out from a premier institute (YMCA). I was struggling through life to get a job. After a lot of efforts, I did an internship with salary 2000 while my friends were settled in good job with handsome salary.

Then I learnt many things which I never learnt during my entire tenure of education. I am putting those things before you-

1. I make my mind to not become the part of rat race. I made my dream to become a good Java developer and started preparation for it.

2. I never compare myself with others. I have to fight against only one personality that’s none other me.

3. I decided to face my fear but before that I had to acquaint myself with good knowledge and communication skills.

4. I make my way own and decided to walk alone because I knew no one will make it for me.

5. If I thought that I can make it or not, either way I was correct.

6. I appeared in 30 interviews to get a job with decent salary. But this was not a big deal for me. This was just a mile stone. The journey I travelled to get this milestone was important for me because It taught me many great lessons which I am applying now as well and achieving new milestones in job with great salary around 25 LPA.

7. I fought against many bad things in my family like “Dahej”. I decided not to take it and I make it happen. Now I am feeling proud to become a father of a baby girl and I celebrated her birth with the same rituals as done with baby boy like “Kua Poojan”.

8. Now I am dreaming of next milestones for society, family and country because I am greatly affected by Tata and Modi’s thought – “If you have to walk long distance then walk together”.

9. I love to help and grow others whether they are my friends, enemies, family or colleagues. I don’t care if they surpassed me because according to me If you do good things with others then good will happen with me.

By my story I tell to those people who are running in rat race. They are not living their dreams else fulfilling others. They are doing too less as compare to their true potential. I give you a scenario –

If you think that you can’t run well then you are limiting yourself to run. Suppose a bull is running behind you what will you do my friends? Oh! In that case you will run with your full of potential. Now think again where is this power coming from? Is this coming from any supernatural thing? No, it is hidden inside you.

Opportunities comes but never return alone. If you will not leverage them, then someone else will do.

So, my dear friends here are my experience which I learnt so far-

· Come outside from your comfort zone,

· Embrace failures

· Don’t become part of rat race.

· Never run behind success. Make yourself deserve for it.

· Don’t compare yourself with others.

· Fight against bad things and your fear

· Grow others while growing yourself

· Give meaning to your life by setting social objectives

· Stay healthy with mind, body and soul

· Be the change you want to see in others

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