The Irony

The Irony

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The Irony of human life is simple - what you expect is ironically always different from what you get.

My encounter with him was a life-changing moment, the moment of utter bliss. No one would ever have thought that me, the "homophobe", would fall for a man. "The Irony" truly portrays its supremacy over the human spirits. In a bid to establish the bond within manly creatures, I had become close to him. He surely wasn't how I had dreamt my girlfriend to be, he was different. In an attempt to break stigmas against this "abnormality", I became a part of it. 

I don't know if I am wrong or right. I don't care if I am wrong or right. Ethics have always been a mound of clay. I like him. I want him. But I never wanted this. What is happening if it is better, I will never know. As of now, I enjoy my day as much as each minute of the night.

My life is an irony - it never gave me what I wanted. To save myself from further shocks, I, now, have stopped "wanting".


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