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My personal note from flight to Dubai (EK 547), recorded at

12:00 am 11th Jul 2018.

On this Wednesday night, songs from Bluetooth headsets. Just thinking about my past days with you on this present without you.

Your words that fading mysongs, that goes like,

Life is so hard, but I’m telling you it’s worth it,

Try, try again, you’ll make it someday,

Nobody did anything great with sick thoughts,

Life is so hard, but I’m telling you it’s worth it.

You were my believer, who believed me, when I was nothing.

Now, I m missing my believer, on my success stories,

Yeah, this moment. Literally Without you... Without your text notification at night, without your good night, without seeing your last seen, without your display picture on my WhatsApp.

Although, I just wanted to Pen this notes, may be as sort of remembrance of my past days with smiles,

Everywhere my sky is same, my paths had a way to reach my destiny.

Felt beauty on my thoughts, because your cheeks there to hold my tears, your lap for napping.

Felt unnoticed happiness, secret on my eyes,

But Today, you are not here with me my friend, after your marriage. Yeah my old friend, our bond is just ended up in one mistake, so called marriage. Unfortunately, no one is going to understand this madness.

But one thing I dream about is, going back to our past, by leaving everything from here, were I wanted to continue the fail and smile at you with same madness.

Just wanna meet at that school at 3rd standard, lets fall in that same madness.

Just smiled and wiped my tears dropping.

At the end we will realize, how beautiful the beginning was.

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