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I was a geek or a nerd, or maybe both, since the day my parents got me admitted into my school. Books always fascinated me and if my parents ever failed to find me, they would search for me in the middle of the books and always found me there. Unlike others, I never studied for marks, but for the knowledge. I was an introvert kind of a person, not even an ambivert, whose nature changed according to situations. I had friends, but I also knew that no one was going to be with me till the end. So I made solitude as my only friend. I never used to let the other people know about how I feel. But yes, I used to feel lonely sometimes. It was after years that I realized that I could write. It started when I saw that the guy I had a crush on for 4 years, liked someone else. In those days of immaturity, it mattered a lot to me. It was then that I started scribbling something in my diary, and I was surprised to notice that it came out to be a beautiful poem. I never used to talk to anyone, but that never meant that I didn’t want to. It was like I never found anyone worth to share my problems with. But writing filled the void of friends in my life. It became my healing. My inspiration. Whenever I went outside, I used to search for stories, and if I didn’t manage to get any, I would transform any situation happening in front of me into a story. That’s how writing became the best part of my life. My inspiration.


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