A Gigolo Gentleman

A Gigolo Gentleman

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A young boy named as Rohit who had been suffering from so many struggles and troubles in his life as he lost his parents and had to taken care of his only grandma. He was very much passionate about studies but he could not go to college or any other institution as he was poor as well as he had to take care of his grandma.

One day! one person, who was staying near to his home, came met Rohit to ask him to become a "Call Boy". First, Rohit was shocked and after that he was angry about that person as he tried to mislead him.

But after some days, Rohit was in a critical position where he could not only bear the expense of his grandma also could not continue his studies. Then he had been thinking more and more, finally he decided to start his career as a "Gigolo". Later on he met that same person who already asked him to join in his group. That person gave one contact number to Rohit and also said that "She is your client, go and meet her, be careful".

Rohit knocked the door which was his client's home! The door was opened and Rohit was so shocked by seeing her first time as she was older than him. He was asked to get into her home and he was also offered cool drink. After sometime she asked Rohit like this "Is this your first time?", Rohit answered "Yes! Madam."

But that lady was very clever of that she had observed Rohit who was not at all willing to do this kind of work. After thinking sometime, she had paid some interest to know about his details. Then he said his full story not only about his grandma but also his passion about education. That old clever lady had been thinking about an hour simply by sitting in her seat.

Finally, she said that "I will sponsor for your education my dear young boy and also don't worry about your grandma".

At that moment Rohit was full of excited and show his thankfulness to her!

And that last words which were said by her "You should not be a Gigolo".

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