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In My Eyes "Keywords of life"

In My Eyes "Keywords of life"

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"If I think back, I get depressed, if I think ahead I get afraid."

What I am writing I don't know but have some strong feeling for writing so I let my hand write.....

I think I should write about some terms in life which are compelling...

1.Affection ---- Basically we will get it from our family like grand parent's affection, cousin's affection, parent's etc . sometimes people show some fake affection and we believe them too much when they kick then we get our own station. That's why make a distance from everyone otherwise u will get pain.

2.Kindness---- 10% people of this world who believe in this hearty. Otherwise, everybody engaged in selfishness. There is no need to tell how to kind because It happens frequently.

3.Trust----- The most important thing in life is to believe someone unconditionally.

Always think twice before trusting anyone.

Now a day it's petrific to trust. so always take right decision because sometimes we get knowledge after an excruciation situation.

4.Love------It's really an amazing term of life.

It's a blessing from our supreme God. Everyone gets it at least once in their life but the actual thing is to detect your feelings towards it, as per your feelings you should accept it otherwise reject it politely. But it's true -everyone got this chance at least once. Now a day it's very cheap, if u have Money along with Beauty then u will get this easily so choose your "better half" perfectly because it's our life and you are going to spend everything on this what you have, that may be relations, money, time, heart, etc...

Love the man/girl who loves you don't go after any fairy tale/Prince charming of your dream.

5.Hate------ It's my favorite term but now a day I am concentrating on changing it. Don't hate anyone for their behavior, because as per our situation we behave. so keep patience, give time to realize. Nothing is impossible in this world if u have a strong feeling to change.

6.Respect-----Give respect to everyone who belongs to u even if child also. Give it to your heart, don't try to show off your fake respect if u don't have. If u disappoint anyone, then don't feel shame to say sorry because sometimes this little word "Sorry " more powerful than our mistakes.

7.Forgiveness---- Always try to forgive and thankful to everyone by whom you get sorrowful condition because then only u can learn to manage more things by yourself.

8.Promises--- Don't do any kind of promise that feels bad each and every time. Promise only that things which you can do by putting your all efforts. Which can only give real happiness and satisfaction?

9.Thinking---Don't think negative aspect of anything in starting think like positive then u can see the beauty of life. Don't think anyone bad because sometimes our situation and our surrounding make us bad.So try to understand everything and do as per your choice.

So many people thinking like this -"As a girl/boy he/she should not do this thing or that thing, What others think about me if I do this and all, etc ." Don't think like this think like an open-minded person.

Wait a minute guyzz, One more thing how can I forget ! 😁 that is the best medicine for everything. i. e

10.Smile--- A smile doesn't mean to show ur teeth always. 😂Use it to change the world don't let the world change it. If anyone scolds and scares you then just do one thing, listen what he/she saying then Smile a bit then you will feel everything is ok and then other people will change his/her behavior.(It proved, I already tried it so many times basically I use it for my parents. 

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