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Selection Of Future
Selection Of Future

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Back ground- Rin chin, a sweet little girl found sound catcher which could catch scattered sounds within our environment. All sounds remain in the atmosphere, it is our limitation that we cannot listen to them, but sound catcher has the ability to reproduce these vanished stories.  Rin chin amazingly started it and listened its first story “why ocean is salty”, Now She was listening to truth of our existence: Blackly mystery, second part of this mystery…..mystery continues……

On the Saturn, Blackly team evolved the life and used all energy resources of the planet. In the meantime, rings of this planet had a co-existence with Saturn. Now Saturn was a spherical heavenly body along with gaseous and ice rocks wobbling around it. They belonged to superior race of the Universe. On Saturn, they built rings around their planet creating ring securities. Eva the elected commander of the team felt slightly confused and rolled out a team meeting.

We the superior creed! We are here to discuss our future prospects.

We came here with distorted brain, struggled for our existence and lost so many our fellow beings, with great difficulty we saved us by using mighty rings. These rings are our savior! These rings ceased us, now we have no way to come out from these. We have doomed our hope for returning to our planet. Although, we are doing amazing here and progressed in spite of all odds, yet we feel strange sorrow for detaching from our mother planet. We have joined together for planning and reviewing our journey, you are free to share your heart's voice. We have two choices- 1) We harness this planet's resources but this will finish one day and our next generations will surely face energy crisis and meet with fatal end. So exploring sustainable solution is our high priority goal.

2) We can develop explosive tool with which we could make out of Mighty rings, But creating hazardous tools has a greater danger to ourselves also and there would be great possibilities of misuse of these tools.

Now we will have to take a clear decision, they all discussed with mission to select their future. They had strong desire to break the mighty rings but were afraid whether science would become a curse for their existence. If they fail to create a way towards their planet, they will have no choice and these explosive tools will surely ruin all their saga of success. They examined every pros and cons with multiple perspective. At the end of specific time, they all reached on a single decision that they will never make such explosive tools and single-minded worked to develop sustainable resources for their future generation survival.

Evi was the evolved lady of the Saturn planet. Eva had a strong relationship with Evi. Evi a research scholar was about to disclose her most awaited research. Her research was about making a passage without explosion and they all could returned back to Blackly. Evi and Eva spent time together before the day Evi presented her research in front of masses. When Evi disclosed her finding that she could make such passage for a short time to cross these mighty rings, Eva smiled and congratulated her and appreciated her wisdom and told a story – When we came on this planet Saturn, we harnessed energy resources here but external attacks ruined our effort and destroyed many of our development structures. We predicted that this attack would be the cause of our extinction, so I started a project –“ Saviour flexi ring”

Our team worked so rigorously and created extra ordinary knowledge and achieved our mission. Mr. Jan and I only knew how to create this flexi rings. At that time simultaneously, we evolved life on this planet and made such creatures who resemble us because in external attacks, a large number of us were killed. We needed an escape plan and we did it. You were the very special creation of that expedition. All my colleagues gave me authority to live with you. I was slowly attracted towards you and fell deep in love with you. I knew our relation would continue until we were here on the Saturn. We all knew that Blackly had no space for such emotions ,there all live with logic and rationale. I had to leave you on this planet. But when we came here from Blackly we had different set of mind which was under developed. We nurtured ourselves and moved along in this journey.

Yes Mr. Jan and I created those flexi rings but I was afraid of losing you. How could I chose to live without you? I had to choose my future and being commander of my team the future of my team. I took biased decision and felt my team would remain happy with this evolved mind which had feelings ,I felt we needed it and could not gather courage to go away from these illusive feelings. Now I must tell you the most surprising fact of this story, perhaps you would not believe this. Yes, I know the secret to create flexi ring along with Mr. Jan but these bloody feelings stopped me for doing commander action and I left Mr. Jan alone. He needed my support to come out of those rings but I thought only about you Evi! Mr. Jan was sandwiched among the rings, oh! perhaps I could save him! But fear of losing you prevented me. At that time, I and only I knew the secret to cross these rings. But I chose my future, I chose Evi. I chose silence . I pushed all my team to remain on this Saturn and diverted their mind also so that they would not try or not even think about going from here. But you I could not stop from doing what you wanted. This was the height of my love, This was the selection which I chose , My future – I chose your wish ,your will to accomplish. Now with your wisdom you got the strategy to cross the rings. It is up to you what to choose! I would be more than happy if I help you in your choices because our choices makes us happy and this is the only meaning of love for me - be the reason of your beloved smile!

Evi was speechless. Her eyes were filled with tears. She was happy on getting such love. But now she had to select- selection of future. Either unfold the secret to cross the mighty rings and remain with this like EVA. Can we compromise future of all for the sake of our love? She was filled with dilemma. Eva left her with no expectations ,he did not take single promise and hope from her. It was hers to make choice.

Next morning Evi chose her selection- She explained her failure on her project and felt regret among all not to find any solution to cross the rings. Selfishness again won and they called it victory of love.

Once again Blackly men were cursed to live on Saturn.

Stay in touch to travel on more mysterious journey, more is about to happen on all planets.

Mystery Planets Love Sacrifice

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