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It'S Complicated
It'S Complicated

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This story is about some students studying in 11th class. Starting from Veronica, the most beautiful and the most admired character of the story. She is an old student in school, and it is the first day of the new session. Almost every friend of her has been put in another section, but does it matter? There is always a new set of friends waiting for you in the new place. The same was the case with her. She met some new girls on the day, and Suhani, who became her bestie in the class being one of them. Now moving onto the boys, who were in same condition. They met each other, and a group of three friends was formed on the same day having Karan, Krrish, and Raghav as its members. The luckiest of the three was Krrish, the first one to have a friendship with Veronica, and the simple advantage was, he went home in the same school bus, in which she used to travel home. These were normal things which one could expect from every class, that is everyone wants to do friendship with the beauty of the class, and so he did. Coming back to the girls, they had fixed their positions at the corner of the room, having their girly talks. This boring routine didn’t take much time to take an interesting turn.

Just a month later, everyone started spraying their true colors on the canvas of life. Karan, who was considered to be an introvert person, told us about his feelings. The feeling of LOVE, to be said in his language towards Veronica. It may seem normal, but it was the most interesting part, as only after knowing this, me and Krrish, decided to burn him out of jealousy. Krrish who already had a friendship with her tried to have more and more interactions with her in front of Karan. By this I was also encouraged, to put forward a friendship's hand towards Veronica as we knew, Karan would not ever even talk to Veronica himself. Even though I had a crush on a girl in 12th class, in my course of interactions with Veronica, I was attracted towards her and by the end of the second week, there were two friends, even I must say two besties, who liked the same girl. I didn’t tell this to anyone as it would have harmed our friendship, but on the other hand, I was just doing, for what I got famous for in the last month, flirting. 

All this was accompanied by the weakening of our group. First I tried to make it strong. We organized parties, played some games, and many more things. It was working but didn’t last long. He couldn’t bear me seeing with her, and requested me, to stop any sort of interaction with her, and at that moment I don’t know why, but I just told him the truth. The friendship was now like an empty glass. Although from then, I was free to do, whatever I wanted to!

Days passed, and just as the end of the first quarter of the year arrived, Raghav confessed to Veronica about his love. It would have been a hard task, had it not been done before, but fingers crossed, it was successfully managed. Veronica just had an expression “WHAT!!” but seeing my face then, she came on like, “It’s OK”. We didn’t talk that day, and then the whole night went as in, what follows next!? The whole night passed  restlessly. The day started,  when Veronica came,  she had an expression like nothing happened. It was a little weird, but then I thought, she was like that only. From that day onwards, Raghav and Krrish sat behind Veronika and Suhani, I don’t know why!!

One fine day, I asked her, whether she was committed, she awaited and replied “NO”, in a tone which didn’t sound satisfactory. A day later, I enquired Krrish about the same, he told me that Veronica lied to me, she was having a boyfriend, who isn’t here, but lives somewhere else, in Gurgaon, from where Veronica came, two years back. I don’t know why, but I was not able to trust either of them. Although it was becoming more interesting.  

He asked me, as in how did I confess, and I started “it was a bit of pre-planned. Actually some days back, I told Veronica, that I have a crush in our class, from that day, she kept asking me about that someone special, but I always denied, as she was the only person, whom I loved, and I can’t let her know about this so easily. We got a week’s off, and the school reopened, I begged the first seat of the corner row, knowing that Veronica and Suhani will occupy the second bench in that row, and fortunate enough, we got a substitution period that day. That’s the point where story gets interesting, I asked them whether they were interested in playing T.D.S, THE FAMOUS TRUTH, DARE, OR SITUATION game, hoping for a positive reply, I heard a yes. We started, as 2-3 rounds passed, it was my turn to choose. I chose dare. They asked me to sing a song for the girl sitting behind them, it wasn’t expected by me, and I denied for the same very reason to, they asked me to take truth, I got it that she has the question in mind, and I was like begging, Please don’t ask that question, and I wasn’t even finished, and she asked the question, who is the girl you like? Raghav was confused, for how to tell her, and he then decided to write that on the table, with his fingers. Suhani knew about that, so she understood, but it was hard time for Veronica to get that, but as she recurved the letters on her own, she got that Raghav wrote YOU, and as she understood, without any time lag, Raghav turned away from her, in order to avoid her.”  As I ended, Krrish burst into laughter, as if he has gone mad! Raghav said ‘OK, stop laughing now, it’s not as funny as you are pretending it to be!’ Krrish said we will play this game, with them, and the days passed with the enjoyment of studies, talks, and of course the T.D.S.

This was intolerable by our sincere personality Karan, and he confronted Raghav and Krrish again for the same, but it was like if you love her just go and talk to her, confess if you have the guts, with an awkward silence Karan stepped back and didn’t say a word after that incident.

A morning before the class started, Suhani told Veronica that Raghav knows that you have a boyfriend, and it was Krrish who told him. Afterward, Veronica regretted and asked to forgive her, that she herself didn’t tell me, And as I already knew, that someday this is goanna happen, I said it's always O.K., after all, I can’t live without talking to her so, forgave her at that very moment. But by this my dear friend Krrish was in a little trouble, Veronica got angry with him and wasn’t talking to him. Obviously, if you trust someone and tell him or her about your personal life, it is expected to be kept it with you. Anyway friends can’t remain far from each other for long so they patched up on the very next day.

Now every doubt of her was solved by Raghav, even the minute things were managed by him, but the life is never so smooth as it seems, a new girl in the conveyance of Raghav and the announcement of A.S.L, Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills were almost at the same time. You Want to guess who were partners in that, none other than Karan and Veronika. It could be seen as an end of some love stories, or just a start of a new one.

A.S.L was fifteen days from the announcement, and those were the only damn days when a fight between Veronika and her boyfriend took place. Was it a necessary one, or just a mere coincidence? No-one knows. It seemed her dad had some work at Delhi, and so Veronica would meet Rohan up there, and everything would come back to place. Who knew the meeting was just a formality to say a final good-bye.

While on the other hand, the new girl in the Van was a packed bomb of excitement, currently studying in tenth class, named Tia. Packed bomb, Wondering why I said that? On the very first day she asked for his name, number, talked a hell lot of crap and what not, Raghav got his new bestie! He had many best-friends, but Tia was special. Well, one fine day, while going back home, in their short conversation, Tia asked out (sort of) Raghav, Raghav amazed and knowing it was just a joke made it away. (Yes, it was a joke). Day by day their friendship grew, and she made him realized that he was just wasting time on Veronica. Though with time a feeling of jealousy came into existent in Veronica. But why? Nope, not because she had any feelings for him, but she was a little possessive with her friends, at least this was what she told!

Tia had a tragic story, her father and mother both were working so A time after school, till they got back was a leisure time for her and her beloved b.f. which faced a stop, when neighbors preached in. She was deprived of her smartphone, though this wasn’t enough for the love birds from getting close. Tia was crazy, she told things twice, thrice or sometimes up to ten times!

Coming back to my senior crush, I know, I didn’t ever talk to her, but always admired her, and tried to chat over various topics, but it was an end whilst a friendship was asked for. She suggested, that I must concentrate on my studies, and I had no words. She further continued by saying, that her life is very complicated, and I should stay away from her. Well, this happened a long ago, and not at this time, but better things said than left.

Veronica unwillingly had to spend time with Karan, for the damn ASL, but who knew how that “unwillingly” will change over that short period of time. A little after ASL, Veronica told Krrish that she likes Karan. None of you will believe, what turns the world upside-down Krrish and Veronica were committed in that course of time!

I told you just won’t believe. Heading with the story though, it was the time for our first semester examinations, as Veronica told this to Raghav, he was a little shocked. A status update took place, stating he lost some friends, it’s good to see, and it’s better that somebody should remain happy with their new feelings, instead of some old friends. Well, it was so something which needed a reaction. Suhani messaged Raghav inquiring, why doesn’t he want to talk with Veronica and Karan, so was done by Krrish. But since Krrish also supported them, I distanced him too! At least for the examinations time, closest to Raghav was Tia. Almost 80% talks made way to her, and vice-versa. She called up whenever she felt alone, or she had problems, or she simply felt like talking with him.

The night before the 3rd exam, Raghav received a message from a girl, one of his friend from the other section, asking to explain a certain topic named Angle of Repose (for those who don’t know it, it’s a topic from physics). I explained her, and rest of the time went chatting with her. Thanx to Manvi, for she made me learned to chat whole nights, during my last tour. Anyways this was necessary, as Raghav and that girl chatted, all those nights. It was interesting to know, that they share many habits and tastes, a girl who were single, and beautiful and was Raghav’s friend. Although he had no such interest in her. Exams were on the go, last but not the least MATHS, ended easily, but with no sound between Raghav and on the other side, Karan, Krrish, and Veronica.

Results were to come next week, classes resumed with a break of 2 days, with some changes in sitting plans. Raghav’s place was substituted by Karan, and Raghav made sure to find a seat where a direct view towards them wasn’t possible. This annoyed Veronica a bit, but she didn’t accept. Tia had superb writing skills, she could write pages on any topic, or for any cause, so what she did for Raghav, when he told her about all this, what was happening, An apology  letter of 5 PAGES was prepared, yes five pages, though Raghav didn’t give that letter to Veronica, just because he was still confused b/w the real culprit. He thought over and over again, whether, what he did was wrong, or that was what only he ought to do. At the same day, Karan approached Raghav, for Raghav should spit all his anger, and they must be friends again. Raghav a bit shocked, said he will see to it. Next day in the evening, Raghav received a message from Veronica, as “why he was doing so?” Raghav replied “what?”, “Don’t act as you have no idea” Veronica replied. Veronica not wanting to stretch things, said: “talk to me”. Raghav is like, why do I? “You have to talk because we are friends. I can even leave talking to Karan if you say, but not you! Am Sorry”, Said Veronica. Raghav melted and said “…OK, I don’t want you to do so, I just want to see you happy, and don’t want that I should break for this, though I would try.”

Next morning, the trio met (Raghav, Karan, and Krrish) to resolve all, but it already went beyond, dispersal with a smile was a momentary thing. Raghav went with Karan, to talk about his last conversation with Veronica. Karan listening about it was angry, though trying to show he is staying calm.

Karan decided to confront Veronica, but Raghav asked him not to do so. He said that he just told him as a friend, and even she didn’t mean it, But Karan didn’t agree to it. Raghav even said that if he talks to Veronica about it, this would be last they ever talk. But that fatty animal (yes, he was fat), just went to Veronica and asked her about it. Though Veronica was still committed to Krrish, still flirted with Karan, and asked not to give any importance to Raghav, and to just ignore him! Karan a bit satisfied left for home. On the same day, he called up Krrish, while Raghav and Krrish were already on line, Krrish asked me to keep quiet, while he took Karan on conferencing. Right from the beginning, he started cursing me. I was listening and enjoying, then suddenly he asked him, ‘do you really like her’, Krrish gave an amused expression and said ‘YES’. Krrish continued and said, “she is my girlfriend just because of you both”. Karan was like what, Krrish continued “I didn’t mean it in that way, it was like the proposal, OK listen, actually we put up a bet, that if you talk to her, she will propose me, and if you don’t, I will do!” Raghav unable to control his laughter and spoke up WTF! And laughed again. At the same moment, Karan started his treasure of slangs on both of us, due to both reasons, firstly I heard all of their conversation, and yes, the proposal! And the best part was, OK am not telling it here?

Next day in the morning, Veronica ignored both Krrish and Raghav. Krrish enquired me and Karan, if either of us told her about their last phone call, both denied. He tried talking to her, and so she turned and demanded a word alone with Karan, so I and Krrish left. Raghav started ‘I know, why the hell, she is angry with me, but what is the case with you man?’ Krrish behaved aptly, and asked me to leave, so I did. Next day, finally everyone except Krrish got aware of the fact that, Karan and Veronica were finally committed. Why except Krrish? Because he was absent, he ought to have an appointment with his doctor. Even Veronica got surprised, why? Not only because Krrish was absent, but by the 5 pages long letter she received lying on her desk in the morning. She was sure of it was Raghav, by just looking at the folds. She just gave a glance at Raghav with a weird face, and kept that in her bag. Krrish while travelling school next morning, started texting with Veronica (mind you, they went in the same van). The first message was, “With whom are you up to, Karan or me?”. She replied, “ours wasn’t meant to go far, it’s just maybe my fault, and you know it. Am sorry!”. Raghav replied again, “okay, so what was thing ignoring me the other day?”. Veronica tried to ignore the topic, but then wrote, “I was also on conference call with Raghav, while you told them everything, and it just peeled off my mood”. They reached school, went towards Raghav with a smiling face and a letter in reply, a hard blow following it as Veronica left from Krrish, as he knew, Raghav took Veronica on conferencing. Raghav left without saying a word, as he didn’t mean to start a fight, and a bit convinced with the girl’s smile that, the letter would be a forgiving one.

He met Tia, and discussed their success with their letter, handing over the reply. Just as she started reading it, the bell rang, which forced them to move back in their respective classes. Tia read that in her class, and in the afternoon, while they met. Raghav excitedly, “so what was in the letter?”. Tia sad and unwillingly to confront Raghav, just handed the letter back, and sat beside her. Raghav a bit amazed by her behavior, opened the letter and read it. In a couple of minutes, he laughed hard. Tia surprisingly enquired why was I laughing, so I replied her back with the most positive attitude I could, “Veronica can’t stay far from anyone for long, and this letter proves this!”. She swears not to talk to me in her whole life, now she will get to know, what happens when a guy becomes bad. Tia asked what was I going to do, for which I said “ignore”, and so we reached Tia’s home, and she left. “So, it’s finally over”, Raghav murmured to himself, while he lost his three best friends again! His attitude was completely different, the next day he entered the class. for he went on talking to his class-mates as if nothing happened, with a slight difference that in his talks, his three friends were non-existent for him. This went on for days, till the time, Veronica was completely annoyed with this behavior.

Raghav in the mean time getting all his time wasted, with Tia, who was called his girlfriend (just to tease them) by his mates. A news came as an earthquake to us. Our teacher was getting transferred, which meant, Veronica, will too leave forever. This was a shock for Veronica herself, and so she finally decided to confront Raghav. So, on the following day, it was like, first when Raghav entered the class, he was talking to his friends, and she came. Raghav gave her way, and she said thank you. Raghav understood she wants to talk, though he just walked out to attend Tia, Veronika called her from back, and Raghav already knowing her intentions, turned and said, “yes, please?”. She said, “did u ever feel like talking to me”. Raghav was like, who said that? She continued, “you yourself, why are you doing this to me”. Raghav replied, “how can you even forget miss, the last I tried to explain, you said “just fuck Off!”, so what do you even expect me from now?”. Veronica replied “but, can’t we just forget all and” Raghav interrupted before she could even complete, “Yes, fine. Let’s forget everything, now can I leave? Someone’s waiting for you.” She gave him way, bidding him a bye. Tia curiously waiting asked, “do you like her?” he replied, “yes, I did, sometime ago”. She said then ok, otherwise, you had a good chance to catch her now. Well why would Raghav go, while he left her just to talk with Tia!

The following week went normally, only in the discussions of Veronica leaving the home shortly, and all,

In the meantime, Raghav met with an accident. A severe nasal fracture, just a day before his birthday within the campus. It was the brunch time, Raghav and Krrish went to the garden canteen to have something to eat, and on their way back, they indulged into a race, and boom, Raghav fell and got his nose broken in half way. He was taken to the dormitory, everyone smiling, including himself on what happened. A plaster followed on his face, leaving only his eyes. Some messages, some visits, and get back to school offer after a couple of weeks. Nothing’s changed, no more incidents, nothing. Veronica came to school for one last time, just to see Raghav, we all bid farewell to her. She went off to Chandigarh. Karan went through a break-up, because he didn’t like to be in a long-distance relationship. Krrish got a new crush, in his van itself, for whose story he kept telling Raghav. Suhani and Tia weren’t the main part of the story though. Raghav got into something he never believed (no I am not telling it here).

The life goes on, with the new teachers, friends, class-rooms and on.

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