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The Real Me
The Real Me

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Life indeed can be a roller-coaster…. But the best part of that ride is the peace and satisfaction that we get at the end of the ride….. the journey starts with a lot of excitement and anxiety… it may carry an inner sacredness as ever a blank state of mind…. But when we are all on the ride it takes us through different turns and twists, ups and downs which invariably makes us weak and strong based on people to people…

My story was the same with my own personal touch of flavor… I was never scared of any pit falls because I had always been around people who loved and cared for me…. I had a strong feel that nothing will happen to me even if I fall really steep….

It was all a belief unless I really fell in a hell of fire…. Was that an exaggeration...? No, No that was indeed the correct expression to be used… that fall so hard to get up from... but it made me learn a lot… a lot of new things that life had to teach me which I haven’t learned from my 22 years of life….

Every step stepped made me feel like walking on thorns; it was hard… Indeed very hard than that I thought it would be… Day by day I started to realize that everyone around me got effected deeply to seeing my fall….

My life was so perfect that I never thought of fighting back in my life for anything. It was so perfect. Everything and everyone in it was so damn perfect. But god had some stranger plans for my life...

I trusted him a lot, so I know that he will not let me down and I knew that he had a plan for me. Surely something really special for me because I am special for him.

That single trust on god and a bunch of good people around me gave whole-hearted hands and took me out of that hell fire. It was like from ashes a new person has come out who were scared to trust any new person. Initially I started to live for everyone around me I did not want them to be sad because I was sad.

Day by day things started to sprout out like a new plant who is growing day by day and then came this perfect plan for my life by god. He was stupid, kiddish and very less matured but he loved me a lot. He loved me with all my imperfections and flaws. Day by day his love and companionship made me happy. I was curious to know that he never complained or told me to change when I was being me and slowly steadily I started to understand with a punch on my head that he loved the me inside me. He inspired me to be me and showed me the me inside me whom I myself had left out when I sat on the roller-coaster .

Now he is with me, dusting the inner me and showing how real and beautiful the “Real me” is.. I started to dress like me, I started to write, I started to draw and I started to do all that which I had lost.

You have given me a space a role and a world to explore you have shown me how to be me you have given me the ‘me’ back to me. My love for you is all that I have forever to go. I know that forever will not be a tough journey with you. ‘You be you, I be me’, we have a perfect story with a lot of imperfections and I love it that way life has been always unpredictable but you are the best unexpected thing ever happened to me.

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