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The Thank You Letter
The Thank You Letter

© Japneet Kaur

Horror Thriller

2 Minutes   6.3K    60

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Rita was waiting for Reema in her apartment. Reema had promised Rita that she would guide her with her piano lessons as she had a very important piano competition coming up and Rita wanted to win it just how Reema had won last year but Reema was very late and because of it Rita was a bit annoyed. After waiting for five minutes, Rita finally decided to call her, suddenly she heard a soft knocking on the door. It was Reema, but she didn't look that well. She looked as pale as a ghost and was wounded on her forehead. Rita asked if she needed to go to the hospital, her anger giving way to concern, but Reema refused sharply saying she just needed a first aid.

Rita,quickly, disinfected the wound and applied an ointment and then bandaged the wound. Being a well-mannered girl, Rita asked if Reema wanted to eat anything. Reema immediately said, "Please give me some noodles." Rita replied by saying 'okay' and then went to cook some noodles. While waiting for the noodles to cook, Rita was scrolling through the new messages she received and came across one sent by her classmate that said 'One of their classmates had met with an accident and they, unfortunately, had died'. By the time she completed it reading, the noodles had completely cooked, she served them to Reema and went to her bedroom to check who the student was. As she was searching, she heard a divine tune coming from her living room, so she just went out to inform Reema that she had some business to complete but there was no one in the room only a letter on the dining table saying "Thank you for the noodles. From, Reema" with a red drop of blood on it and the phone, that Rita was searching in, showed the picture of Reema as the student who met with an accident.

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