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A Short Story Of Two Friends
A Short Story Of Two Friends

© Abhijit Ghosal


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One upon a time there were two friends from childhood days named Harry and Peter. Both trusted each other and used to help each other whenever they needed. They grew up together and entered in their respective career. Out of them Harry was quite happy with his small earning but Peter was very greedy and always used to think how to make more wealth and was not happy with small earnings but it did not affect true friendship between them.

Peter came across with one elderly person Jack who told him that he can help him to earn more money, provided he follows him in his way of work. Peter agreed to do whatever Jack wanted him to do. Jack was a criminal and he ultimately involved Peter with him for cheating person through their ATM withdrawal by doing skimming activity. Gradually Peter could earn lots of money and become a rich person.

His childhood friend Harry could realize that Peter must be doing some unlawful job for earning money and become a rich person. Understanding this he started avoiding Peter and ultimately a distance between the two friends happened. Peter earned lots of money and started his own number of business to become wealthier person. About 10 years have passed the two friends were detached from themselves but no body forgets each other from their heart. Suddenly Peter needed a trusted person to look after his business and help him in earning more money. He remembers his old friend Harry and started searching him and his whereabouts. After a long search he came to know that Harry is very much sick and hospitalized and needs lots of money for his surgery. Peter knew that if he gives money to Harry he will not take it. As he has earned the money in dishonest way. But still he wanted to help him and pay all the hospital charges amounting six lakhs with the pretext that the money has come from a charity fund. When Harry recovered from his illness and inquired how the money has come he understands that it is his childhood friend Peter who arranged the money. Harry became angry and met Peter and asked him why he paid his money. Peter simply replied “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

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