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Dance Resolution
Dance Resolution

© Shubhlakshmi Dani


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The Story is written by Ishwara Dani.

Inspiration, sounds like a big and fancy word, however if we break it down, we are left with the word inspire. Several times in life we may knowingly or unknowingly inspire someone changing their life. But, we as human beings, have come to this level in our lifetime because somebody had inspired us in the past.

I, Ishwara Dani am a passionate, committed and ardent dancer, set out on a journey getting inspired by a teacher and set out on a path in life that I had never walked before.

Passion leads to commitment and commitment leads to success. In order to achieve something we all must give it our best shot and work hard in silence, let our success be our voice.

I set out to become an able western dancer but learnt much more than I ever expected.

I clearly remember waiting for a mail. A mail which had a dance which I had to learn for an audition, which would get me into a prestigious and renound dance course teaching me amazing dance styles..

 “A Dance audition!” I had told myself frantically and nervously. I had to learn such a complicated and tough dance which I was sure would take me a while.

This audition could open up a world of possibilities for me. I would begin an intensive dance course teaching me numerous dance styles and techniques. But nothing comes without effort and hard work and that was just what I was going to do.

I played the video and my eyes froze towards the screen, I was lost for words and flabbergasted. My hopes and dreams for the future were beginning to fade away and that’s when a thought striked my mind. Every road to success is filled with challenges to overcome and hurdles to cross and if you give up at the start of the race there is no point in running.

So I practiced efficiently and daily, when the perspiration increased the self-esteem grew and the dance went from good to better to best. I tirelessly worked making my dance look superlative. It was hard but worth it. Today if I had not been inspired by a dance teachers gracefulness, talent and physical fitness this time put in would have seemed pointless to me but inspiration is what can give you that little boost to go up there showcase your talent to the world. Practice made me confident and confidence helped me perform to the best of my abilities.

But just like you forget everything after entering an examination hall, I did after entering the Dance Studio. My heart missed a beat. They took a count of people, revised the routine with us and boom , I stood there and broke out into a cold sweat in front of a group of highly trained instructors. I tried going through the dance but it was no use. My heart was in my mouth. Suddenly the high voltage music filled the room but nothing was louder than my pounding heart beat. That’s when all my effort and hard work was about to pay off. I took a deep breath and began to dance.

I twirled, jumped and performed to the best of my abilities and was on cloud nine seeing myself in the mirror of the large dance studio. I felt glad for all of my hard work that I had put in day by day.

I waited with bated breath for the results of the audition to be announced. I had butterflies in my stomach and my blood ran cold.

The faculty called our parents in another studio in three groups. My mother was called in the last group and that’s what gave me the heepie jeebies. Did this mean that I was not selected or that I was? I stood there in the studio stone faced at the clock.

Finally my mother entered the studio which I was waiting in and I looked at her with hope. I was so nervous that I couldn’t judge her expression. I spotted a small piece of white rectangular paper in her hand. I scurried towards her and she smiled from ear to ear and handed me over the piece of paper. The moment I read the word “Congratulations” I jumped for joy and. I felt on top of the world and was thrilled to bits.

I was in seventh heaven and walked out of the studio with a smile on my face.

I had learnt that if you work hard and try your best you can achieve miracles and wonders. You can go higher than the sky if you try and you will always succeed if you have gone that extra mile.

I got inspired by somebody and that changed my life. Today I hope to inspire someone positively impacting their life and changing them for the good. I Ishwara Dani had set out on a wonderful journey of commitment and effort and that taught me to try and try until I succeed. This had been a moment of my life that I would not trade for anything else in the world. I hope that my story will inspire others to dream big and follow their dreams. If you are reading my story always remember that nothing is impossible and that we don’t have the power to ever say never. I dreamed and I excelled. My passion taught me to work hard and to succeed in life and I hope that yours will too.    


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