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Don't Judge Too Quickly.

Don't Judge Too Quickly.

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Rahul is drinking Frooti standing near a bus stop. Someone calls him from across the road.

He takes a careful look and notices that it is his old friend Prasad from school.

He crosses the road and they both hug each other and greet.

Prasad starts laughing looking at Rahul.

(Prasad, on the other hand, is smoking cigarette standing beside a Pan shop.)

Prasad: Bro, you are 24 now and still drinking Frooti that is so childish. You are still momma's boy as you were in school

Rahul: It's way too better than your classic mild.

Prasad: Anyways it has been a long time, what are you doing here?

Rahul: I was waiting for my dad just need to visit the bank.

Prasad: Your dad still doesn't leave you alone, he was strict as fuck back then.

Rahul: Good he was strict at least I didn't get addicted to cigarettes.

Prasad: Bro, I am not addicted to cigarettes its just that smoking gives me wings and makes me feel better. It helps me reduce stress in life. You don't know what I am going through.

I can stop whenever I want I am not addicted. ( Blows smoke on Rahul's face)

Rahul: Idiot ( blows away the smoke.)

I still remember how you started smoking when we were in 8th grade just to impress others and now you are addicted to it.

Prasad: What nonsense. Smoking is cool bro. Shahrukh Salman and Dutt, in fact, most famous and rich people smoke. Smoking leads you to success.

Google it, bro. ( Again blows smoke on Rahul's face)

Rahul: I 'll kill you if you do that again.You piece of shit if you google cigarette the first thing you see is that

"IT CAUSES CANCER". And you won't be there to read the second thing because you will be already dead.

Quit smoking or you 'll quit life...........

The conversation goes on and on Rahul keeps speaking against smoking and Prasad keeps praising it.

Finally, Prasad takes a step back.

Prasad: Okay bro chill. Let me just smoke the last few drags then I 'll quit.

It's a promise.


Hope you don't mind eating a mint.

Rahul: Buy me a happydent chewing gum.

Prasad: Yup.

Prasad turns around towards the pan shop but stumbles, he looks down and finds out that his shoe lace is open.

So he takes the last drag and asks Rahul to hold the cigarette for a while.

He gives a cigarette to Rahul and blows smoke on his face again only to irritate him.

Rahul with a cigarette in his hand blows away the smoke calling prasad an asshole.

At that very instant, he hears a loud

Vibrant voice calling " RAHUL YOU ASSHOLE". Since how long you been doing this?

Rahul turns around only to notice.

Rahul: Dad, dad. I was not smoki.......

Before he could say anything he gets a tight slap on his face.

Dad: You idiot, you have been wasting my money for so many years.

...Duufff .....duuf ...dafffff...

Rahul gets beaten up on the road as his dad judged the situation too quickly.

Prasad: Kids these days are so careless about their lives. (Gives a smile to Rahul's dad eats happy dent gum and walks away proudly.

The End.

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