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The Trip
The Trip

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I liked a guy who was damn smart and adventurous. He looks handsome with a great physique. I fell for him the first time I saw him. We were on a trip to Yellagiri, a hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. We, group of 6 people decided to ride on bikes from Chennai to Vellore. I never knew this guy was joining us. We were all waiting for him. He entered in my life as an actor in the movies. This was the first time I saw him.

Then we started the journey in the midnight, we reached the place in the morning. I didn’t speak to him as I was shy. We had breakfast, got rooms and after freshening up, we slept as we were tired after a long ride to Vellore. We woke up at 4. We started to explore places. We had lunch and then we headed to climb the hills. I am an adventurous girl. So, was he. We were the first ones to reach to the top. The rocks were difficult to climb, but with each other’s support, we climbed it. While getting down, I fell off and I hurt my leg. He held my hand to support me and we finally climbed down.

In return, I was a pillion to him. So, we were ahead of everyone. I really enjoyed the way he was riding his bikes. It was raining and he was driving against the fall of the raindrops. It was a wonderful journey. On the way, my phone fell down and it broke. Even we met with a minor accident where the bike skidded. Well, this is also a memory.

He dropped me home and he left. I became a fan of him. I started liking him. I don’t know what he felt for me. We had few talks and few meetings later. But, one day he fell in love with one new friend who joined our group. He fell for her and they were in a relationship. I thought I should end up my feelings for him. We spoke just as friends.

One day, I was so stressed in my life and wanted a vacation. I spoke to him about my interest in a vacation. He asked if we can go on an adventurous trip. He said he had a break up with his girlfriend and wanted some space. We decided to go to Chikmagalur, a hill station in Karnataka. I was so excited about the trip. We booked tickets and the stay house.

Finally, it was the day we had to begin this trip. We met at the railway station at 4. Then we had to take a bus to Chikmagalur at 6. So we waited at the station, we had long talks. We listened to his favorites songs. We reached Chikmagalur. We went to the guest house and had breakfast. We got to freshen up and then we slept. At 4 pm, we headed to look around places and visited a temple. We then came back to the guest house and we ordered food and that was it for the night.

Next day morning, he was still tired and sleepy. So, I alone went to look around places and went ahead for a walk. It was so cold and beautiful. I went walking to a place which was a little mountain and saw the sunrise. Then returned. We had breakfast and headed for the day’s adventure.

We booked a cab for the day. As soon as the car started with a jerk, I could sense it to go bad on the way. But, because they were responsible to get us back to the guest house, I kept quiet.

We were to visit a lot of places. Full of water ponds, mountains, and forests. We visited temples. I was the one who was running and climbing up the mountains leaving him behind. This guy was helping other girls and boys to climb. I got jealous as he was not spending time with me and I went ahead of him. He later found me nowhere and he rushed to search for me. Here I was with another group of people enjoying the trip. He then comes and asks me to be with him. We took pictures and had great fun enjoying the beauty of nature. It was the time to return back.

We were on the way home at about 6 and it was the way past the forest. It was dark and beautiful. To our shock and as expected the car stopped on the way. The driver then checked and said that the petrol and the oil are over and he asked us to wait in the car and he left to get it.

It was the silent dark road in the forest and we both were too afraid to come out of the car. It was so cold and we didn’t have the jackets to wear. He was holding my hand. Here is another tragedy. Two policemen riding on the bike came and questions us of what we were doing here in the middle of the road, those policemen looked drunk. We told them what happened but as the place and the time was not good, they suspected us to be lovers and they said stupid things we would not have expected. Then when the driver came they spoke to the police. Then police left. We were so pissed at the driver and about the behavior of the police. The car didn’t start even after getting the petrol and the oil. They were pulling the car with another vehicle but the pulling rope was breaking up. He then shouted and asked to arrange for another car for us.

The driver arranged another vehicle and we reached back at 9.30. We then got freshen up and as he was more pissed than me, he said he wanted to try something he hasn’t done before. He said we will drink today. We went to a restaurant and we had dinner with Vodka. It was the first time we both drank. Returning home, we went to our rooms and I called his number to talk to him. God knows what I spoke to him and when I slept off.

The next morning, we started to return home. It was a great time ever spent. It will be in my memories forever.

He is still my best friend and I will be his pillion forever.

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