We Can'T Do This To Them!

We Can'T Do This To Them!

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The hand that rocked the cradle of my parents is shivering, but I don't have time to hold it and pacify her.

The finger that I held tightly when I was being taken to school is not let to touch my smartphone lest my phone get damaged.

The person who'd leave no stone unturned to comfort me when I was sick yearns for my visit when he's on the hospital bed and I have limited hours to stay by his side.

The person who'd feed me every home made remedy on my slightest pain is not asked, "How many pills do you take in a day, grandma?"

What a shame it is!

They were the ones who'd plunge in every fight I had with my parents and pressed that I was naive and thus innocent.
They were the ones who'd save their pension in order to give me extra pocket money. 

They were the ones who are now being mistreated and ignored.

They are the ones who long for one conversation with me.

Isn't it a fact that grandparents are viewed as a nuisance instead of being considered as angelic hands who protect us?

Did they spend the second innings of their lives nurturing monsters who are insensitive to their pain and loneliness?

With the elapse of time, youth will fade away and we'll be on the other side of the fence. What we do to them today will pave the journey to our old age.

Let's hold their hands now and shed that layer of indifference that we've grown so accustomed to.

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