From My Balcony

From My Balcony

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I woke up from my bed.The cuckoo from the clock came out six times. I rushed to the balcony to witness the sunrise a spellbound by the sight. I could also feel the cold breeze sway by my ears.

While I was brushing my teeth standing at the balcony I could hear my Mom calling out for me from the kitchen. But as usual I was waiting for two crows sitting on the tree to come to the balcony. I wondered how lucky they are.  They need not brush every morning like me. “Get ready, You need to go to school”. When the two crows arrived I wished them good morning. Wish I was also a crow. I could fly  freedly like them.

Honk ! Honk! The school bus arrived.  From my window seat I saw two crows hovering in the sky.  I waved at them. My  mom was in the balcony and waved at me in return. I realized that I was such a daft because they did not had home, school and food, etc.  They have to search for it.

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