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I Don'T Share My Ice Cream!
I Don'T Share My Ice Cream!

© Raina Dave


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And there comes a big cup (not so big!) containing magical substance with some chocolate chips and the amazing texture making my taste buds go crazy. The coldness of the spoonful of it initially numbs my mouth but as eager like always I can’t stop putting some more chocolate ice cream. It is those moments when world around me takes a halt while I enjoy eating ice cream. But one creature called FriBling tries to take a big spoonful from my cup. How dare he?!

            Yes I am talking about my FriBling- Friend plus Sibling who never gives up on single opportunity to irritate and annoy me and makes us engage into a fight. Nobody can come between me and my ice cream but he did. Sharing my things has always been an issue for me as I am the only child.

             I never felt a need for a sibling; sharing my things and caring for someone, feeling protective and possessive were never part of my priority list until I met my FriBling after 21 years of my life. I finally got someone I can talk anything, share my problems, annoy and blackmail, fight and argue with. He is incapable of handling me when I start shouting on him for no reasons (well sometimes, otherwise he deserves).

            He always shares whatever happens to him and I gotta listen to him. Sometimes I listen to him and sometimes I don’t, but he elaborates everything precisely anyways. Patience is something he is gifted with and I am not awarded with. I feel so protective about him as he is kind of "mahan" person unlike me, I get angry like hell if someone hurts him. We are not just fighting FriBlings but supportive pillars. He supports my skills and threatens me to follow my passion.

            We talk-care-share-trust-fight-support-annoy-irritate. Love is the glue which connects us and no need to say I love you because we mean it, it takes more than expressing.

            Oh yeah I forgot mentioning, next time when we went for ice cream, I offered him mine happily. I still can’t get it why I even felt like sharing my ice cream!

If I can share an ice cream so you can too!

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