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Crime Tragedy


Mangesh Shirke

Crime Tragedy

Operation Wonder Machine - 2

Operation Wonder Machine - 2

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"I was going through the Data that we had recovered from their base. Operation Wonder Machine. This word was repeated almost everywhere. Also, in some places, a person named Mohammed-bin-Yasin was mentioned 2-3 times. I haven't found out any clue about this, but I just scanned the internet and I came across this info. “she typed something on the keyboard."

Years back, our nation wanted to establish a peace treaty with one of the Middle East states, as a part of the Geopolitical Union Movement worldwide & also, owing to the weapons war that was going on between us & them. But that agreement never went right. Majority of the population in the Middle East, who were trained terrorists, opposed this movement, thinking that would hamper their freedom & their principles. We still started peace talks with the nation.

We had invited their leader, Ibrahim-Saed-Ali, to our country for conducting peace talks. Unfortunately, ", she paused, "Ibrahim was shot and killed the moment he landed in our country, which started all the enmity between them and us. We do suspect someone from their country did it, but that matter is still unresolved “she paused & opened up something. “I am still not able to find out how this "Wonder Machine" thing is related to us. But our Intel servers had picked up some encrypted emails being again sent to the Middle East. They contain certain information about some chemical substance and formulas. I tried solving them, and finally, I found something."

“In this mail, they are mentioning a Propane Acetylene gas. It’s an odorless but highly flammable gas. Stored in pressurized liquid state, once exposed to room temperature, it becomes highly volatile and unstable, which can cause massive damage to public & property."

“So that means” Walter just thought of the possible outcome.

“Right. They aren’t using any bomb but are planning to use a flammable gas, probably stored in cylinders hidden somewhere, which will trigger off during the LIVE telecast of Thomas Jemo, causing massive destruction of Human Life & property” as Natasha said this, Walter couldn’t help but imagine the global crisis it would cause.

Without further thinking, he immediately disconnected the call & ordered all of his teams present at the 3 Shopping malls to scan every single Ventilation system and Air Handling Units (AHU). Also, he ordered the Building Management System (BMS) team of the 3 malls to check the entry points of all these management units, in case someone may have tried to enter forcefully.

His idea worked. The 1st mall got a data from the BMS Mall. An unlogged entry in one of the main supply AHUs. The intruder had used a Brute force system with the help of an electronic pocket device to unlock the electronic entry passcode of the door. The CCTV surveillance team could not catch it, as ‘someone’ had hacked the cameras and stopped the LIVE recording. Walter immediately ordered all of the teams of the other malls to carry out the same procedures. As expected, all the other malls had experienced the same typology, with ‘someone’ hacking the CCTVs and gaining electronic passcodes to enter forcefully.

Walter then ordered all the teams to check the Air Handling Units and ventilation vents for presence of any unidentifiable objects.

“Natasha, you were right!” Walter called her urgently, “We examined every single Air handling unit of all the Malls & as expected, we found a Metal Gas canister attached to the main supply vent, with PVC conduit pipes joined to the air vent. I think it contains the inflammable Propane Gas.” He exhaled as he spoke, “the size of this canister is huge, almost enough to spread in around more than 1, inside as well as outside. But what troubles me is,” he looked at the canisters, “that all the canisters have mobile phones attached to it. I think all the canisters will go off immediately as the cell phone vibrates, either by an incoming message or a call, enough to trigger the canister nozzle and spread the gas in the open area. Since it’s odorless, no one will come to know. A suicide bomber may then create an explosion in the open, causing the fire to spread and burn people all around.”

“That’s right.” Natasha said, “the idea sounds good. Instead of a timer, use a cell phone to spread the gas and cause an explosion to trigger fire all around.”

“Natasha, do one thing.” Walter ordered, “Immediately send up jammer drones above the Mall buildings. Use radio jammers to jam down every signal around. That’ll prevent the terrorists from calling and detonating the gas. Carry out the.”

“Wait.” Natasha interrupted him “How could the terrorists be such a fool to use a cell phone as a triggering device, when they know it can be jammed easily? Installing a jamming device will not only jam the canister cell phone, but all the cell phones in the vicinity. Since all the malls have a LIVE telecast of the peace mission, imagine if someone shoots The President while the cell phones are jammed. There will be entire chaos. No emergency numbers working, no contact, no phone calls, no help, no telecast, just nothing.” She paused, probably thinking about the destruction, “It’ll cause stampedes, fights, destruction. In fact, the number of deaths would be much more than compared to those caused by spreading the gas!”

Walter thought for a moment. What she said was right. The situation was complete chaos. If they jam the cell phones, people will be in mayhem. If they do not do it, the canisters will go off, spreading the gas and burning down people. Either ways, the terrorists were on plus side.

“Walter, listen.” Natasha interrupted his thoughts, “I have a plan. Listen very carefully.”

After some hours, all the 3 malls were full of public. In the first mall, where Thomas Jemo, the president was presenting LIVE, the entire Mall Atrium was packed with people on every level. Same was the condition in the other two malls, where huge television screens were placed, displaying LIVE telecast from the first mall.

The President’s accommodation was arranged in a 7-star hotel. As he stepped out of his room, Inspector Walter & his team were standing outside. Thomas looked at all of them, alarmed.

We have orders to arrest you immediately, Sir.” Walter said sternly. “Please accompany us. We’re going through the rear exit, to avoid all the public outside.”

“I am not responsible for any of the allegations you are putting on me!” Thomas screamed at Walter & General David Edges, Walter’s senior, “I am a Nobel Peace awardee. Why would I represent myself this way?”

“To start with, our investigation team installed trackers on the cell phones connected to the Gas Canisters. We also placed out short range signal jammers just outside the Service rooms, meaning if someone made a call to the Cell phones, the call will not happen but the tracker will immediately detect the source.” General David explained all the details. Thomas gave a frowned look back.

“May I know Mr. Thomas, why you placed a call on the cell phone attached to the Gas Canister?” Walter questioned him, showing him the call details he got from after confiscating Thomas’s cell.

“Just 1 hour before, you placed a call on this cell phone. We have got the details from your mobile. The jammer placed outside didn’t connect the call, but the tracker tracked down your cell number. Our Intelligence Team then dug out all of your history, and finally we found out who You really are, Mr. Wonder Machine!” General David replied back, angrily. Thomas, on hearing things about himself, was shocked, unable to reply back.

“You were always on our radar as your dear friend, Arzham-al-Rashid, had mentioned your name. Unable to believe him, we needed solid evidence, and finally we found one.” Walter said as he kept reports & files on the table which he received from the I.D.

“So you were the mastermind in assassinating Ibrahim-Saed-Ali, your own Islamic leader!”

Thomas Jemo aka Mohammed-bin-Yasin, was unable to speak as his true identity got revealed. He had no option but to keep quiet & listen.

“You kept your true identity behind the curtains, & always instructed your people in the form of emails & phone calls. What was your motive behind today’s destruction?” General David asked him.

“What we wanted was only freedom. If we continue the peace talks, then we will have to abide your rules, listen to you, be obedient to you! Most of us were totally against this!” Thomas replied back, treacherously, “Our dear leader, Ibrahim-Saed-Ali, was never ready to listen. He wanted peace. You people will only conduct peace talks and then what? Again send army to kill down our innocent people? Start bombing around our city? What will we gain by these? One side, there is peace & other side war again. Devastation!” Banging his fist on the table, Thomas replied.

“I then assembled another group of people & planned to kill him. This created political disturbances & war, as my people assumed that your government finished Ibrahim! I then subsequently established myself as a good political leader, conducting peace talks all around, but also managing to create destruction. We named today’s mission as “Operation Wonder Machine”. We were using this type of Gas explosives for the first time. For today in your country, our motive was clear” grinding his teeth, Thomas replied back, “To show how does one feel when their own innocent people are killed for no reason. I maintained my real identity, away from everyone, except selected ones, including Arzham.”

“Your plan was simple: to spread the Gas and just use your lighter to ignite, causing huge explosion, thereby killing yourself & all the people!” Walter said, angrily.

“If sacrificing myself would create chaos and give more freedom to us then I was ready to do it!” flaring his nostrils & patting his chest, Thomas replied back.

The LIVE presentation was never carried out. The Bomb Detection Squad removed the Gas Canisters from all the three malls, ensuring safety. The Government informed the crowd that Thomas was not well, creating false, dummy videos of him being taken to the Hospital which were telecasted all over the city.

In the coming few days, the Government revealed his true identity with proper evidence, including his confessing video with Walter & General David & his subsequent planning of Operation ‘Wonder Machine’ with Arzham-al-Rashid. The whole world was stunned. Many of them opposed his arrest.

Soon, Thomas aka Mohammed-bin-Yasin confessed to all of his crimes. He also gave the names of all of his group members & followers, who were later arrested or detained. The Government then again established peace with them, avoiding any further devastation.


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