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Time Heals Almost Everything
Time Heals Almost Everything

© Swati Tyagi

Abstract Tragedy

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“Please, let’s just forget everything. Give me another chance” Mike chased her as she headed out.

“I am not wired to forget. Probably no one is” Susan picked car keys

“Look, I am sorry. But, I am not the first person on this earth who lied to win over the woman he loves.”

“Just because everyone does it, doesn’t make it right.”

“I am not defending it. All I am saying is I deserve a second chance. Just give it some time I will rebuild your trust in me.”

“I seriously doubt that sweetheart. This lie of yours is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.”

“Come on, Susan. A little fling isn’t that horrible”

“Fling isn’t horrible but you lying on my face is horrible.”

“I was just too embarrassed to tell you. One day we will both laugh about it. You see, time heals up almost everything”

“There is an almost in there. As a psychiatrist I believe, all our irrational behavioral patterns have their roots down in our sub conscious minds. We just pretend to forget. But everything leaves an imprint. I will never be..” Susan’s voice broke

“So, are you telling me that our marriage is doomed forever?”

“We are also parents, Mike. We cannot burden our daughter with our marital problems. I request you to keep up the appearances with me. As far as we are concerned, I am with you just because of our daughter.” Susan drove away.

Unlike men, she couldn’t compartmentalize her brain. Her marriage was falling apart and she knew she would need all her strength to keep her focus at her patients. After one coffee and two patients, Susan closed her eyes and wished for something that would make her forget about her problems, even if momentarily. Her wish was granted sooner than she expected.

As Susan opened her eyes and looked at the laptop screen, a tiny date at down right corner made her forget everything. She checked her calendar and yes it was 8th August.

“Mike, it’s 7th death anniversary of our son. I can’t believe, I got so absorbed in something that I forgot all about it”

“He would have been 12 if he were alive.. I mean..it’s OK Susan, you have been through a lot lately.”

“That’s not the point. I struggled to find a single reason to live, when he died. And today..” Susan took a deep breath, “Probably you are right Mike. I am going to take a few months and a new problem to get over your lie.”

She wiped her tears which she wasn’t sure welled up in her eyes for her dead son or her shattered trust.

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