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To Live Or To Not.
To Live Or To Not.

© Harnoor Kaur

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Everyone has a point where one has to chose among different options. Such a kind of choice making situations comes a lot in our life.

One such was in my life. By taking medical in 11th standard has affected my life alot. 

And then i took BDS. 1st year started and I was excited in beginning and then I realized it's not meant for me. I was regretting. Somehow I hadn't any choice so I went on. 

But in 2nd year, the subjects were tough and I too was careless. I didn't liked the subjects at all! 

And then the final exams came over. Before that I was in stressed condition due to some other reasons. So I couldn't perform well in the exams. I got failed in two subjects. And failing in two subjects in medical is like back. Back for 6 months and you will study with that back batch. Everyone will treat you as a failure and you will not get attention. Your family will be ashamed of you. On that result day, I had two choices-either commit suicide or go and tell my family about it. I have been a good student and never ever faced this kinda situation. So I was only thinking of suicide as an option left. I feared of my family, society and everyone. 

Out of two choices, I strongly chose the second one. I told about it to my family. And they were glad that I told them and didn't took any step. I cried alot, but they handled me with care and support. They helped me getting out of this depressing state and motivated me to not to lose hope. What a drastic change it was in my life. I didn't gave up and worked hard again and scored well in the exams. Though I got back but I was working equally to my batch. Everything got fine. Everyone supported and we all were friends again.

That day I took the right choice...the choice of living and facing off the challenge. I m glad to be alive. I am going to be a best dentist soon. I am happy I made that choice and writing this story to all of you. 

  So please guys, whenever you are into such like situation, make a right choice and talk to someone!

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