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Silence Is Another Name Being In True Love??-3
Silence Is Another Name Being In True Love??-3

© Sruti Dhara Mohanty


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The saga of Love had just about to arise, the long drought has been over, and the wait is over for both Ankita and Abhinav. It seemed the barrage of the love would be broken, the emotions would flow free.

But before Ankita and Abhinav would confess about the love they had, suddenly Ankita got a call from her mother, that her father had got a stroke and was in the hospital.

She, forgetting the daze, went into another shudder. The thought of losing someone is very excruciating. And when you know, the loss is reaching, it discomforts a lot.

She hurried to the hospital. But luckily, her father, Mr. Gupta was recovering then, and the doctors have said he could be well in few days. Ankita breathed out with the relief. Abhinav was too there, but the momentary confessions of the souls in love have lost the rhythm, have lost all it flows, but still there lied the seepage of the adoration that was calm and stationary for years.

That night again, Ankita saw her long lost reverie, this time the noble man was revealed as Abhinav and grown-up Disha with him. She happily cuddled her. And then, when she looked at Abhinav, she saw the same eyes with the love and the respect, she once saw. The Noble man was closer than he was before. Before she would feel him with the touch of her hands, suddenly she woke up.

To her sheer amazement, She found her hand been clutched with hands of sleeping Abhinav. She switched on her bed lamp to see her hand was held by Abhinav, and there was smile in his face, a smile she yearned to see, a smile which made her feel triumphant for Abhinav, like he got his happiness back after a very long time.

Ankita didn’t strain to withdraw her hand from his grip, as she too never felt this gratification before. She slept the rest of night, with joy and serenity. Somewhere she got the answer although not from Abhinav’s words, but from the involuntary gesture that happened this night.

And this blissful actions happened all following nights thereafter. Ankita never wanted to question anymore, of what this was. Abhinav too didn’t have the courage to speak. But It seemed like the gust of affection prevailed, although felt but not heard of.

In few days, the exchanges of glances, the comfort in discomforts grew, the untamed smiles were exchanged. Disha and others relatives noticed the same. Ankita had left her company job by now, as she wanted to be a full-fledged mother for Disha, being her protective shade for long. To her astonishment, Disha never complained.

She, in fact, revealed that her Ma is her best friend, to her college buddies. The magnitude of her obedience made her successful in every examination. She excelled in many fields of her interest. She always had benedictions of both mothers she belonged to.

In these days, Disha was furtively planning of something in the coming Valentine’s Day, as if she wanted to surprise her parents with her new attention. And unexpectedly she sought after many novels especially the love stories of the times.

One day, Disha came up to her mother and said, “Ma, in few days, there is Valentine’s Day, So, I have something to tell you.”

Ankita grew curious, as at this age girls do often get into relationships and most of the times with the wrong ones.

So Ankita interrogated in tensed voice, “You have a boyfriend, and you want to go out with him on that day?”

Disha crinkled her lips, thinking, “How come Ma knew I was about to say that?”

She replied with hassled tone, “Ye-yes Ma, please let me go.”

Ankita replied, “I will allow you only when I and your father meet him.”

Disha was overly excited as if her plan worked. She hugged her Ma and said in thrilled tone, “Sure Ma, do meet him some day, Shall I book a table in our favorite restaurant? You meet him, ask him any questions you want. And if you find him suitable for me, then please allow us to have a good time on Valentine’s Day, I promise nothing will be out of line.”

Ankita said, “Its fine, Disha but before that ask your Dad. It’s very crucial decision. “

“Ok Ma,” Disha hastily answered and went off.

Ankita was tensed, not how come her daughter is in a relationship, but will she able to get all she dreamt of. Being a mother, she wouldn’t understand how to recommend her for this is quite delicate issues, as she too had undergone such commotions in life.

Meanwhile, Disha went to her father and asked the same.

Luckily, Abhinav too wanted to meet Disha’s new found association. So Disha fixed-up a meeting over a dinner on 13th of Feb, thinking that she can have a beautiful day after with her new found love.

The night of 13th Feb arrived. All fretful, Disha reached with her parents. Ankita and Abhinav were equally edgy as they can see and feel the same in their daughter’s face.

They got seated at their booked table. Awaiting a new person in Disha’s life, Abhinav and Ankita were looking at each other, like enquiring each other,

“How will he be? How to start? What to say?”

But then Disha asked casually for starters and dinner as if no one else has to arrive, Ankita asked her to wait for the person. 

But Disha smiled and said very serenely, “No one is going to come. Ma”

Both Abhinav and Ankita were more stunned, to which Disha started saying, “Ma, Dad this was the only way I could make you come together, I know you never had the circumstance to talk to each other.., about each other. This is the time you both recognize and make realize to each other what’s in your heart.”

Abhinav and Ankita are still flabbergasted that how can their young daughter said everything effortlessly, where they didn’t find the valor to confess their love for each other.

Disha added, “It would be nice if I leave for the dinner, as my friends are here. I will move back to home with them now for I have group study to make for coming exams.”

After Disha moved out, there was an unseen discomfort to which Ankita stood to move out too, but to utter perplexity, Abhinav detained her by clutching her hand gently.

“Ankita, can you please stay?”

This touch, these words, were as if novel to her, as if the bud of her life is being to blossom. She stopped and silently sat, with a little confusion mixed with some unknown contentment.

Abhinav started to speak, “I don’t know what to say. It’s been sixteen years, and too long. I know. But I was confused. I didn’t know what to say and how to say. I thought I could do injustice to both of you… I am sorry, I had made you to  ...”

Ankita interjected, “You didn’t make me do anything accordingly. I did with my satisfaction. You don’t have to be guilty for anything, for me. Abhinav, I am really fine and happy in this marriage.”

Abhinav took Ankita’s hands and continued.

“I don’t know how to say you thank you, for you did everything exceptional. I can only be apologetic, I couldn’t be the life partner you always thought to have.”

Ankita was shell-shocked again and said, “How did you know what I have dreamt of my life partner to be?”

Abhinav replied, “One day you muttered my name in the sleep, had caught hold of my hand, that day somehow I understood what you have for me, before you would wake up, I closed my eyes, so that you won’t let your hands off, and if make you let know nothing about this, I hold your hand.”

Abhinav added, “I know Ankita what you have for me because I too feel the same way...”

Both sat there pleased and accepting, that yes, their love has triumphed, acknowledged and finally their love has instigated.

It’s not required to actually say “I love you” to confess your own feelings for the person. Your right person, the One made for you will cognize it any way you do or say, and even your quietness can say it all. The eyes will only deceit you with feeling that other person won’t fathom your emotion,  but it often says it all to your true love.

It’s, at all times, and said when it’s true it triumphs…. Be in love, make it True!!

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