Journey : The Dream

Journey : The Dream

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It was a chilly winter night. Eddie was sitting quitely at the terrace of his house thinking about the girl he loves.He had two joints rolled and a pack of cigrattes alongside him.This had been his routine for the past 6 months now.

Finishing the day by sitting alone quitely with those two companions besides him.He used to think and liked getting lost inside this metaphysical world of his where he can travel to different places, times and people and live with them.Without them even knowing.He had been home for the past six months now.Waiting for the company he somehow got placed in to give him joining.It wasn't that he was not eager about the start of his new life but he obviously had other priorities and interests that kept him from being enthusiastic about his new job.It just didn't feel as excited to him.He lighted the joint and with every drag he started to travel towards the love of his life,Nikita.

It wasn't that he had chose to go to her for the first time.Infact everyday every single moment he thought about her.He even used to take her along with him in these metaphysical journeys .He was mad about her.She was her soulmate.But too much addiction had pushed her away.She was now scared of the man she knew better than he himself.But Eddy was Eddy.Nikki once took him to a place which left him stunned.A dream. A dream Eddie just couldn't let end.He got so scared of awakening instead of living it that he himself ended the dream.But Eddy was sure of going back.To live that dream once again.It was the best he ever felt and there was nothing more beautiful and worthy to try.So he used to regularly try to convince Nikita if she might be willing for same as well.Without her dream couldn't be lived again.There was a time when Nikki wanted to get lost inside that dream as well.She had never been with someone as unorthodox and unique as Eddy.He was fearless. A man of action. Unafraid of consequences.She believed him to do impossible.She realised nothing is impossible.It just depends on stature of a person.His abilities.His thoughts.He was like the most adventerous man she had been with.But with adventure comes troubles.She knew it.But she used to forgive eddy for all the troubles he bring on her.Eddy has never taken the burden of someone's trust on his shoulders before.It made him feel his bright side.He never knew that there is a brightness in his dark world too.Nikki had made him aware of that.He fell for her.But coming from the dark world he was too afraid to face consequences.He had faced enough .Nikki didn't knew it cause whenever she was with her he was someone else.He had the courage to do things cause he didn't want to fail her.He couldn't afford to.They both were afraid inside but each other's company gave them the courage.Nikki knew this but Eddie was too afraid to except it in front of her that it might made her realise he has a dark side too.He was really afraid of consequences and this consequence he just couldn't afford.He behaved coolly in front of nikki.Infact he was really at his best with her.So he didn't had to work hard.Suddenly eddy started to take it as a game than a dream.He wanted to win that game .He has never knew that he had the ability until he met nikki.She was a necessity to be with him if he had to win that game.But nikki was innocent.She knew it was a dream .And it will get over.She trusted eddy blindly to even think about questioning his intentions.If eddy wins the dream goes on.Forever.But that couldn't be his choice alone.Cause dream had two lives.Its fate should have been decided by both .But eddy became too selfish.He decided to prolonged the dream before it even ended.With nikki he was a man of action.Never mind the consequences.He took action.What he thought could do to prolong the dream.Nikki realised.She understood what he was doing.She was stunned.She woke up. The dream ended.Eddy was in agony.Nikki was in shock.The consequences were there. She lost her faith.Her trust her innocence.She suddenly saw the dark side eddie hid from her.Which she didn't believe even existed.He had never seen so much dark.She was scared.Eddie terrified on his mistake.Now she even didn't had nikki by his side to give him strength to face the consequences.He killed her.That killed him.

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