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The Last Exam
A Day Which Changed My Life
The Last Exam A Day Which Changed My Life

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It was the last exam of the final year. And Rahul was very nervous. Antenna and radar were always a week subject for him.  He was not prepared for this paper, but since he was getting late, he acquiesced himself to be ready. His roommates have already left the room 30 minutes before because Rahul's flat was 15 km away from college, and they used to go by college bus. And the last bus was at 8:45 am. Rahul was getting late. It was already 8:40. He just pulled out his drip-dry shirt from a hanger and wore it. He quickly searched his examination materials and started running towards the bus stop.

When he reached the stop with racing heart, it was like an ocean of emptiness. The condition of the bus stop made his blood run cold. He was thinking that he was very late and all the buses were gone. Vile thoughts started in his mind, that he will miss his paper now. Because of that, he will not get a good job and his parents will face the problem. He was trembling, he stumbled to the closest tree and plopped down before he fell. Sweat stung his eyes and he wiped his face on his shirt.

He was sitting on the floor, then he heard one sound that was a brake of full steam Scooty. Before he recognized something, what happened there, a voice fall to his ear come fast we are getting late. Rahul also forgot everything and just jumped back on her Scooty. Then she just accelerated her Scooty and made headway. After few minutes Rahul observed that he was seated behind a girl who is from IES college. Which is 3.7 km before his college. He was thinking this is also fine at least he can go with her to her college after that he will run and reach college before 11. He was thinking that this was also fine, he will be late by 1 hour only. He can get passing marks within 2 hours.


After a long interval, Rahul broke the silence and told to that girl

"Thank you so much, you have no idea what you did today for me. If you would not have come today, I would have missed my final paper. Thanks, a lot."


That girl replied to him “don’t thank me we have still not reached the examination hall. By the way hi I am Shruti.”

Rahul replied her “hi I am Rahul from PCST.”


When Rahul replied, she started laughing loudly, Rahul had no idea what was going on? Why she was laughing in this Gordian knot.  His expression changed to incredulity when he listened to her. He wasn't able to stop himself from asking her the reason of her laugh. 


Rahul asked, "Shruti- sorry to interrupt you but why are you laughing?"

Shruti- "sorry, sorry but you gave your intro like this only I couldn’t have control on myself."

Rahul- why so?

Shruti- "at least you can know me that I am also a final year student, so I have that much knowledge, that I can recognize which dress belongs to which college?"


Rahul- sorry Shruti I am a bit unstable with my mind.

Shruti- it’s ok. I can understand but don’t take tension friend everything is gonna be alright. By the way, what is your planning for the post exam life. After all, today is our last exam we gonna free from tomorrow.

Rahul never talks to a girl about anything except the notebook and subject syllabus. Even he always afraid talk to a girl. It was the first time in his life he was in this set of circumstances, where he was traveling with a girl on a Scooty and even that he was talking to her was away from his comfort zone. But he was not fully comfortable in this situation. He was trying to combat this conditions.


Rahul- I haven’t planned anything yet. But maybe my roommates have, I will join them.

While this conversation over, they reached IES college. Shruti stopped her Scooty in front of the main gate. Rahul thanked her and told her "I know only thanks is not enough after what you did for me but I don't have anything except this so Thank you so much Shruti." She replied to him “wait, wait …. you will get enough time for all this thing. Now just take my vehicle and just shoot the "ANTENNA & RADAR".


Rahul was speechless after he heard this. He was unable to express his feelings to Shruti. He just took one deep breath and replied to Shruti "we just met 15 min ago, how can you trust to someone whom you don’t know?” Shruti replied to Rahul ”oh I don’t have time to explain all this now and I think you too have don’t that much time, so please now we should attend our exams first. And after paper I will meet you here only, please come fast after your exam. We will discuss all this all this at that time. Now just RUN.”


Rahul also thanked her once again and moved away towards his college. He reached at 10:05, Just five minute late. So he was very happy that he had complete 3 hours for his paper. After completion of the exam, Rahul meets his friends. They started to ask him why he was late and how he came to college. But Rahul was in hurry because he had to reach Shruti's college also. So, he just ignored all these questions and proceeded towards Shruti’s college.

She was already there at her college gate when Rahul reached. Rahul just stopped Scooty and told to Shruti "I am sorry to have caused you all these troubles. And Thanks for your act of kindness, will always cherish it in my heart. Thanks for your support, It really means a lot, In today’s world, where there is no help or thought, you went over the way for me. It’s just your kindness that I can see. So thanks a lot.”

Shruti just gave him a smile and reply to him “Ker khuch dosti main aisa Ki thanks sorry sab baiman lage, Nibha aisi dosti Ki tumhe chorna muskil or duniya chorna aasan lage" and started laughing. She told to Rahul after stopping her laugh "I was just kidding friend, just now you told me your feelings which you already prepared for me, but I have not prepared anything, so I just told you what came to my mind suddenly. So, take it easy friend and let’s go.”


It was the first time when Rahul was talking comfortably with a girl for such a long interval. He now noticed Shruti. She was very pretty. The woman that walked in could have graced any billboard or magazine cover, but she was better than those two-dimensional photoshopped models. Somehow her imperfections made her perfect. Her tall frame and slender body were like of a Victoria secret model. Her blue eyes, like the sea, were calm and emotionless. Long, wavy blonde hair, so smooth and silky, almost as if it was tailored from gold fabric. There was a shyness to her, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice. Her cream suit which was her college uniform had a tailored look that was bold against her fair skin.  Rahul was surprised why this types of thought are coming in his mind.

This was a completely new feeling for Rahul. He was enjoying that moment. He just wanted to that, that road, that trip never ended that day. He was praying god that please stop this moment here only. Please do not let it go. He was arguing the god please accept his this wish. Shruti also got the situation of Rahul very easily. The girls used to be very fast and intelligent especially in this situation.  She understood this very easily. And she didn’t want Rahul to be sorry about this. So she only asked Rahul “why are you that much silent? You can ask me something. I am not going to kill you, friend. I know I am a girl and you have a problem with that”

Rahul replied her “no I don’t have any problem with you”

Shruti interrupts him in between and told "you know, you are struggling to talk with me. Anyone can judge this easily. I know what are you thinking about me. It is clearly visible in your eye. You are not doing anything wrong. Then why are you afraid, why are you not talking with me directly with eye contact. If you will be like this always then how will you overcome with your hesitations.”

Rahul tries to explain to her but again he was stuck in his mind only. Again, he grabs his strength and told to Shruti that single line “I am not afraid. I ...I ...I just.“

Again, Shruti interrupts him and told: “then why are you not able to finish your line?

Rahul was speechless he had no any reply for Shruti. Because he knew that she was correct.

Then Shruti only started the conversation They talked something about their family and hobbies of each other. After few conversation, Rahul was also comfortable with her. He was very happy to meet her. 

After a long interval of chit chatting, Shruti asked him "shall we go now"? Rahul also replied her instantly "ya sure" They started their Scooty and moved away from their room. They were talking about each other, about future on the way. Then Rahul comes to know that next month she was getting married. And she was very happy for that. Because that guy was her childhood friend. Their family knows each other from a long time. So she will shift New Delhi after marriage.

When Rahul came to know about this, the respect for Shruti was increased in his mind. Because, since she was engaged, she can avoid him easily. But still, she was trying to motivate him. They reached again the same bus stop where they meet in the morning.

Shruti told Rahul "ok bye and hope we will meet again".

Rahul- yes sure if you want.

Shruti-  are you flirting with me?

Rahul- no not at all. I was just telling like that. If you feel wrong, then I am sorry. But I never want to heart you.

 Shruti started laughing again loudly. And replied to Rahul “I was joking yaar. Why you took everything that much serious? Sometimes try to laugh also friend It helps us to be happy.

And yes, one more thing, from next time when you get a chance to talk to a girl. Just talk her. Do not try to avoid or hesitate with her. Remember always she will never kill you, friend. Ok bye, now I will see you again. Take care”.


Rahul also gave her a smile and replied” bye “.


That day Rahul understand the difference between love and lust. It was a love only which made Shruti that much kind. Because of love only she was helping him. She was trying to her best to help Rahul. And it was a love for Rahul too that he was agreeing with Shruti. If it was a lust, then definitely one of them would have tried to misuse that moment. But no, they both were utilizing that moment in a good way. That love was different, it was not a lover’s type love, it was not a parent type love, it was not a brother and sister type love. It was different. But yes, it was a love. Which gave a good lesson to Rahul.

Sometime we meet with some stranger who changed our way of thinking they changed our whole life.

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