An Approach To Revive

An Approach To Revive

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Nearly one year has passed like a never ending storm since that tragic moment when two worlds fell apart in the  weirdest fashion ever imagined in wild. An unfortunate accident which caused one to erase the best part of memories while the other waited patiently for the other to make a comeback in proper form. They became complete strangers by forceful reason.

After painful and silent observations of witnessing his beloved completely ignoring his presence and resting on someone else's bossom, he finally decided to shatter his silent glasses and make an approach to revive her best memories with the hope that true love never dies.

On a certain day, a Facebook conversation initiated by him -

Boy: Hey! Zero... How are you? :)

Girl: Zero??? Do you know me?

Boy: Yes, Of course, Don't you? :(

Girl: No, who are you?

Boy: Get your soul's imprints decoded. (Memories may erase but soul's imprints stay forever - Karma)

Girl: What??

Boy: Ask you tempo soulmate. He is a tech-guy after all. He will be able to decode for you and will let you know about your past karmas.

Girl: You know Saurav?

Boy: Most definitely. He gifted me a special title lately. ;)

Girl: I did not get you!

Boy: That's why you are zero. (My Zero - whispers in mind)

Girl: Will you tell me who you are? And stop calling me zero.

Boy: I am one.

Girl: Bad one.

Boy: Actually not.

Look you are zero and I am one.

We are so close like a couple sitting next to each other lost inside each other's eyes. (I wish you remember this line)

Yet we are so infinitely far apart like the infinite numbers between zero and one.

Girl: Are you some kind of mad?

Boy: I don't know the kinds :P

But I am the God you know, thanks to Saurav.

Girl: How do you know him? what did he tell you?

Boy: Irrelevant. Answer to the 2nd question is 'son of a bitch'.

Girl: What??

Boy: Which means I am a dog right??

Girl: Why did he tell you that and who are you? I won't ask again.

Boy: You already know that. Saurav knows it better because he is not zero. Keep calm you may feel a little dizzy in vacuum.

You see he is a tech guy when he says dog, he means God and God is the ultimate ONE, encoding u see. ;)

So I referred to him 4 your imprints decoding. Got it?

Girl: Offline. Blocked.


A chat after so many days of waiting, made him nostalgic for a moment.

Boy to himself: Ahh! There goes my Zero. Memories gone yet attitude remained. Still the same, only i am missing from the frame.

Then the harsh reality dawned upon him!

Does true love really survive forever? What do i do now? She is happy with Saurav, she has a good life now, while I am perishing. How long do I wait for my past days to become my future? Distracted with this thought, he turned to look at the book which belonged to her, his last possession of their love(Julius Caesar - which they had in school days) laid beside him. We could clearly see the highlighted lines read - "That's how great men bear great sorrow".


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