Rat Race

Rat Race

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•This story is about a boy working in a private limited company.

A boy named Rahul started his first job with highly established private company. First few days or you can say few months, his job was awesome. He went to office full of energy to complete his task and came back home, this schedule was repeated for a few months.

But after few months he started getting tortured by his higher management. And day by day torture level increased. He asked his lead, What’s wrong? Why are you doing this with me, if I am not working properly or there is any other reason, please tell me and his lead replied - No, every thing is ok. Nothing is happening with you. You just misunderstand the situation, this is only work pressure and no one is doing anything unfair to you, just relax. He said ok. But from that day he started observing the office environment, behavior, reactions of employees to their work and towards people.

He noticed that the employees who are working here are not self independent. They all are dependent on their senior management and authority. They all are buttering to their their higher one for getting hike, new achievement etc. Because if they don’t do this they will face a bad phase and what they don’t want to .Weather you are right or wrong if you answered your higher management you instantly become a rude attitude employee and after this they all start observing you and they are waiting for your single mistake on which they can point out you.

Then he talked to his lead and today one year has passed and nothing has changed. The situation got worse because of single reason, because he answered his manager for his misbehaviour and all of a sudden every thing had changed.

Here people don't think what is right or wrong, they all close their brain and blindly follow the crowd. They all are participant of a rat race weather they want it or not.

And rat race is that truth which noone wants to accept but they all participate in it .

After all this, Rahul come up with a decision that he will quit the job and he went to his HR and said I want to give a resignation but HR didn’t give a form to him and started asking why he wanted to resign. Tell me the reason. He told his actual problem to HR, that the office environment didn’t suit him, after hearing this, HR arranged a meeting of him with his manager and led to resolve his issue. Day after tomorrow he is going to have his meeting and when he came, they all went to conference room and had a huge discussion with him and tried convince Rahul to not leave the job. After all their approaches, Rahul gets convinced and decides to stay and continue his job.

After all this, Rahul involved himself totally in his work and become a high grade employee and even he was appreciated by his managers. Also, he was very happy. That day he went to his home and thought about a day and past few months . He thought that he became a high grade employee because he didn’t argue and fight with any one, that’s why they promoted him and he thinks this is the best way to grow and earn more. From that day he entered in rat race, he start doing all those things which he really didn’t like a year back. Now he totally became a member of rat race.

After some years when he became a lead and earned a good salary package, he planed a vacation for himself with his younger brother.

There his younger brother who was also looking for a job suddenly asked his elder brother - What is your experience of doing job? What are your achievements and failures? Share with me . The way he started telling his working experiences, he became sad and realized his mistake and got depressed and realized what kind of person he is now and what he was five years back - he was straight forward, intelligent, Sharp minded person.

Now he became a follower, greediness of money and higher post as all rats did, he got shocked by himself on looking his new image and he dug down in the depression, he was totally shocked what he is did with his life and image he made for himself and he found himself stuck in rat race mud and even after achieving all this, he was feeling unsatisfied and unhappy .

Rat race is a disease, but the good thing is that we know it can be cured, we only have to rectify it before ruining our life.

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