Twist Of Fate

Twist Of Fate

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Lavanya and Khushi... Khushi and Lavanya.

They had been the best of friends since their school days. They had the same taste in music, liked the same coffee and had crush on the same boys. They were very much like each other in more ways than one... Both were winners.

Until Sagar Pratap happened!

She had been deliciously happy when he had proposed her, but then she realized what it meant... It meant giving up on her dreams of having a full-fledged career and spend the rest of her life, resigned to decorate his home and wait for him every evening.

She was not ready for it. And so, she went after what she wanted with single- minded ruthlessness.

And right now, she was driving her brand-new BMW, which she had bought with her recent bonus. The car was in auto mode, the music loud and she was sipping her favorite hazelnut cappuccino... Lavanya Kashyap failed to notice a car zoom past her and her coffee spilled over, ruining the black color Vero Moda dress she had sported and her stilettos.

She groaned as she brought the BMW to a stop and took out few Kleenex strips to wipe her dress. As she quickly brushed off the liquid, she grumbled a little about the stain that they would leave behind, when she looked around and took note of the surroundings. Where had she driven to! This was not her normal route! Was it a mere coincidence of fate that her coffee had to spill over in front of the villa of Sagar Pratap!

She cringed at the thought of the person and noticed Khushi taking a lazy stroll in the balcony, when her husband came from behind and hugged her.

There was no pulling away, no checking of time. Sagar held her to him as though he could not bear to let her out of his embrace. He kept her hugged to him when his hands went down to gently caress her five months old belly. His hands caressed... possessively, but oh, so tenderly.

And Khushi looked supremely content as she lay her cheek over his heart, reveling in the sense of where she would always belong... with Sagar.

"Good morning Jaan!" Sagar whispered into her ears softly, "I got your favorite hazelnut cappuccino."

She flashed one of her loveliest smiles that warmed up his insides, "Is Nikhil up?"

Sagar nodded, "Not yet. What were you thinking?"

"Just that the weather looks so pleasant," she grimaced," and its nearly 8 am and you would soon leave us and drive to work."

"Well, fortunately the last part is not true," he said fetching out three tickets from his trousers, "I arranged these last week. I knew our son's summer vacations are starting today and we haven't gone out in a while," he said smilingly, "This is a small gift for you."

Sagar had been heart-broken when his girlfriend of a year, Lavanya Kashyap, had turned down his proposal for marriage in lieu of her career. But not for long! Her best friend, Khushi Sharma had helped him survive though that phase and they had soon fallen in love.

He had been a little nervous to admit his love for a second time, knowing that he didn't want Khushi to compromise on her career for him. But ever since they got married, they had stood by each other's side through thick & thin. When they had their first baby, Khushi had decided to take a break from her work.

And now, they were expecting their second baby.

Life without Khushi, the thought was unbearable. Sagar mused silently.

"Now where are you lost?"

"What do you think?" he spoke, a deep satisfaction gleaming through him.

She blinked harder. He blinked, too. Then he smiled at her... a pure blissful smile that poured into her, right down to her toes. "I have always loved you Khushi," he said. "And I always will."

Seeing all this, Lavanya's heart began to race and she blinked to combat the sudden urge to cry.

That woman in front could have been her, only if she would have said Yes when Sagar had proposed her for marriage, eight years back. But Lavanya always had a mind of her own. Sitting at home and bearing kids were never her priorities, and still looked a far cry. She had taken this decision against her parents and by turning her back on the person she had loved. And right now, at an age of thirty-two, when she is in the apogee of her career...marriage still did not appeal to her.

Her phone beeped, showing a new message, distracting Lavanya from her thoughts.

Her boss had sent her compliments...but for what? As she scrolled down, she realized she had been promoted to Vice President, AMC Corporation.

"Is this really what I wanted?" Lavanya questioned herself as she put on her shades and zoomed her BMW past the villa. Success had never tasted sweeter.

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