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The Spirit
The Spirit

© Bhavya Rattan


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It was a dark night in which even the moon resented to give away shrieks of lightning to the world. In this ill lit night, a court trial was set in a small goofy palace on the haunted mountains near the bloody river which have a passage to the world beyond and within. The place was set with long benches and place for the majesty; similar to that of a human court but the distinction was made by its participants who were pale, translucent and were shimmering in an eerie way. The whole place was filled with spirits and souls who came to witness a request made never before.

The request was made by a girl with dark locks of hair cascading past her shoulders who pleaded to remain as an unsettled spirit even after her liberation. She desired to take revenge from the man who didn’t pay heed to his wife’s lament when he was burying his one day old girl under the mystics of earth. She wanted the retribution by haunting him as an evil spirit. Poor was her luck as it’s her destiny to be born as his daughter. Her anger veins in when the justice trial declared her to be free of being a spirit for the next age and shattered her dreams of revenge.  

As she walks in the strong need of retribution was visible even in her transparent eyes. She move slowly but her posture depicts confidence of achieving anything. Trial went on and the judges patiently listened to her appeal. She was repeatedly told about her inability to do the task she pleaded for but when her eyes requested with tears of blood the judges said-‘the minute you killed the man you desire to take revenge from ;your spirit will be liberated. But, if you were unable to kill the man your spirit will never be emancipated. She agreed without thinking as the thought of revenge has taken over her senses.

As the curtain goes up she is transported to the mortal world to which she once belong to. She move ahead and witnessed her goofy beardless father sleeping outside the house made up of sun dried bricks in the veranda. His sight aggravated her anger even more.

She grabbed his hand firmly. He woke up and thought of it as a delusion. After freeing his hand he continued to sleep. Next his berth began to move, he mistaken it for an earthquake and began to move. He walked not more than ten steps when a cry of a small girl echoed in his ears. He move forward and encounter a small figure whose face is covered with a shawl. He removed the shawl and saw a headless body. He was frightened beyond means and started running with all his might. He was followed by footprints made by invisible legs. He began to fear and all his strength began to tarnish. He prayed to god but all his prayers rest in vain. He was tripped and fell into a pond full of blood in which he found the imagery of his daughters he buried down.

He began to realise that his deeds are punishing him. Suddenly he saw a vague image of a human body translucent in its appearance. He wanted to plead for help but as his black hair emit light to her pointed face equipped with red eyes filled with anger and bended shoulders with bones awful to look at, he lost hope.  

Still he asked for help when the spirit grabbed him and tried to dig him in the earth. When he screamed in despair she chose to leave him over. The judges appeared reminding her of the condition but the pure soul in the dreadful spirit stopped her from doing so.


She was happy in making her father realize of his deed and sacrificing her liberation for her coming sisters. So here lives a daughter in the form of a spirit who denied liberation for a change to make. She lived near the bricked house on the tree adjoining and witnesses the cheer of the girls living within.


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