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The Bliss Of Love Aka Kiss Of Love
The Bliss Of Love Aka Kiss Of Love

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Be it keertan or lavish weddings you can play music at deafening decibels you can litter in public, spit paan tobacco even smoking seems cool and peeing is also allowed (though only for guys) but two individuals holding hands, hugging or kissing each other with their own consent , Oh dear lord! Satan’s minions at work we must alert the temple elders. Welcome to India my country pioneering in hypocrisy and orthodoxy and breaking our own records, each day we live in a country where absolute freedom of expression exists and you can say, do almost anything but not about religion homosexuality LGBT community in fact all sorts of taboos are forbidden accept sex which you are allowed to discuss with your wife whom you’ll meet for the first time on your wedding night isn’t it fabulous? if you haven’t heard about it yet a youth group associated with a national political party vandalized a cafe in the name of "moral policing" and accused the cafe of supporting or ignoring immoral acts or so called obscene acts. Being a liberal teenager it feels like our time has travelled to some archaic Greek oligarchic system where only the wealthy aristocracy controls societal norms capital distribution and politics as well. Their most cliché weapon is constantly blowing the trumpet of culture. what these people don't understand is that western countries don’t have a copyright on sex we happen to have a population in billions apparently through cross pollination (atleast that’s what our 80 s movies suggest) these learned pundits and learned men should know better that when Greek scholars were trying to figure out the positions of planets, earth around the sun etc Indians at that very same time were writing kamasutra and trying to figure out 'sex positions'! they have sex there we have it here too the only difference is, we don’t talk about it and that's lethal for a free society as is endorsed by Ranveer Singh "agar aap apne hone ke reason ke barein mein hi chup ho to apke hone ka koi reason hi hai", the people kissing each other don't want to spoil your regressive kids values its not like "listen up kid I’ll tell you how a French kiss works step one hold the lady gently and then make the contact though be careful of the tongue you are not a lizard" they themselves are shy enough looking for an isolated corner they just want to celebrate their love publicly so please leave them alone or else it will be a huge step backwards in a democracy like ours where there should be freedom of speech

#comedy #kissoflove #orthodoxindia

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