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To Live After Life
To Live After Life

© Ayesha Naikodi

Horror Thriller Tragedy

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I rose and turned to look at my body. It lay there, at the end of the street before the mighty building standing tall and straight, lifeless and cold, still oozing blood and soaking my clothes in it as more wide eyed people gathered around it. I stood rooted and stared too, feeling just as lifeless and cold. I wanted to smile, turn my eyes away from the scene and celebrate my freedom from life's struggle, but instead, I stood still and stared. A few moments passed. I was indifferent to the chaos and panic in the air. A few more moments passed as I stood watching people try to identify me. After a short while, I heard a car screech to halt and two people, a man and a woman I'd known too well stepped out and dashed towards my body, pushing anything and anybody that stood in their way. Before I even knew it, my feet had dragged me to them. I saw them fall down on their knees, as if too weak to hold the weight of their bodies. I knelt beside my mom and watched as tears welled in her eyes. She sat motionless for a while, suddenly broke into a smile and had fallen over my body the next second, sobbing uncontrollably. My dad was crying too, one hand over his face and the other clutching his stomach. I had never seen my dad cry before. The more I watched them ,the more I regretted being dead. I decided to leave.

"Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad", I whispered half-knowing it wouldn't reach them and still hoping it would , but they didn't seem to have heard. I stood up and looked one last time at my frozen corpse and walked away, never turning back . I walked to the lake nearby , where I had seen my dead husband the previous night. I hoped to find him. I hoped to end the misery life had bestowed upon me after his death. I hoped that he would once again embrace me as his own and disturb the silence tantalizing me. I looked as far as my eyes reached and saw a lean figure standing by the shore. The sight of him brought a smile to my lips and for a second ,I thought I had felt my heart thud. " You have no heart", I said as I drew hurried yet calm steps towards him, feeling happier than I had ever felt in my life.     

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