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Dawn. Vacant benches roofed by maple leaves. Lush greenery bathed in emptiness. Utter silence but she was at no peace due to the noise made by his thoughts. They were seated facing each other. He unconsciously stared at the detached maple on the death bed of lawn; lost in his thoughts. She consciously looked into his eyes; trying to trace a way to his thoughts. They always had this war where she would fight against his mind and her own heart but she could always identify his demons through his dark black pupils; dancing in the flames within him. Who would know that the man who is so calm on face, has a fierce tornado growling inside? He slowly let his cranium rest on her lap and instantly his thoughts went away and that is when she felt warm liquid between his skin and her fabric and thus the stain on her cloth became burial of his demons. And this is what for she has been waiting since ever. She ran her fingers through his light grey hair. He smiled. Then they saw the woman in white coming towards them. The woman smiled. He got up, held her hands and moved towards the white building which became his residence since he left his home. She stared blankly as he walked away from her. He turned, smiled and waved and accomplished the first task on her to-do list. She returned home and started her day. He drifted to sleep in his ward. Nurse smiles at the faint curve of his lips and she knew despite suffering from Alzheimer's for 20 years and absolutely no memories of his past life, he still loves his wife; he always had, he always will.

Dawn. Love. Wait. Distance. Alzheimer's.

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