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The Strange Girl
The Strange Girl

© Harpreet Kaur


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This story is about a girl who has miriculous power of god. Her name is Avantika. From childhood, she used her power to help people but secretly. She started helping people at age of seven and now she is twenty three. An amazing feeling and beautiful nature is created where ever she goes. As with age her power also increases. But her village also suffer from curse of evil power. There are few "tantriks" who use their evil power for ruling over the village. They often offered a girl sacrifice (bali) to their demon god every year. Near the village there is part of jungle is linked. Inside the forest unbelivable things happen and no one agrees to go inside. But the forest is only the source of money for them and medicine, food and many needy things can be obtained from forest.uddenly a little boy enter in forest and no one was willing to help him but Avantika decided to give the boy to his mother. She entered the forest and searching the boy, finally both come out safely from there. By seeing this every body put quetion to Avantika, why she not got harmed? Then she opened her truth of power. To cure the problem of village and forest, avantika decide to meet with "aghoris" of himalaya. Aghoris tell her to give sacrifice of power in forest but villagers already frustrated with tantriks.

Question is that who need a sacrifice, is good form of god, demon power or person behind it? But aghori said that this is the only way to solve the problem. On the next night a woman came in Avantika's dream and told her to sort out statue of godess from forest. She has followed all the method and rules as said by women. Then she would try to set a statue at worship place and yagna is done after settling a statue. A spirit like thing comes out from statue and says that Avantika was her big devotee in her previous birth. She worshipped with this statue and at the time of getting desire she dies. Thats why her desire gets unfulfilled and thats the reason behind her power and problems in forest. After this her village became happy and Avantika fell in that yagna and left go of the world along with her goddess.

Fantastic mysterious story about girl and troubles in village.

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