The Evil Man

The Evil Man

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Sometimes, it’s required to be what you are not to escape from somewhere.

“He won't let me live! He knows I am here.!! He has finished every single person from my tribe...! And now, he’s behind me! Please save me Johnny...!! "Robertson, on seeing the Evil man’s army outside, amidst the firing, pleaded to Johnny. 

A war had waged out between two countries, and Captain Johnny was a part of the country which was the most affected. Sent with a battalion in a jungle to defend, he was the only one left, and was forced to retreat. On the way, he found Robertson Carlos, left alone & injured in the firing. His right face being injured, he had covered it with a scarf, and his left knee was bleeding. With bandages on his palms and fingers, somehow limping, they found shelter at an abandoned house surrounded by little bushes and shrubs until help arrived.

The Evil Man, known to everyone as Abu-Al-Yahab, whom Robertson feared, was the most Ruthless & Deadly person ever. A master of disguise, no one knew where he came from with no fixed base. No one had any picture of him, and he had no known identification. FUGITIVE and most wanted by almost every nation, as Robertson told him, his whereabouts were tracked down by a group of villagers to where Robertson belonged. He was arrested immediately, only to escape, and now he had come with his army to seek revenge.

“We need to keep ourselves up, Robert..! We need to fight back these people! They followed us till here without our noticing! We have to stay confident, Robert!” Johnny firing in return replied back.

Johnny was exhausted. The firing was happening since the last 36 hours. He had kept them at bay for a quite couple of time. If arrested, they both would be killed. With little ammunition left, Johnny had to plan something, else they won’t be able to survive for too long.

Johnny kept on pressing them. It was almost more than 40 hours of time, but still no one was able to penetrate inside the house. Johnny kept changing his locations inside the house from time to time, using each open window to fire back. He had less ammunition, he didn’t know the exact location where he was trapped, plus he had to take care of an injured, fearful person.

“Johnny, let’s run away from here! I don’t think we can be safe here! Let’s escape out...!” Robertson called out from behind.

“It’s not possible! They have surrounded us from all sides! We have to somehow use a different idea..!!” John, evading the incoming fire from outside, said.

Johnny was having a tough time tackling things. Ammunition now almost over, and with no food eaten since the last 42 hours, he was getting exhausted. The enemy was in no mood to stop. Robertson had eventually given up. Almost crying, he was in no mood to help Johnny.

“I need to think of an idea. Else we won’t be able to survive this onslaught.” Johnny said.

“I can’t think of anything! The Evil man is outside…trying to finish me, Johnny! What had I done? I never even complained about him to anywhere! He killed even the innocent ones! What was their crime? Nothing! He’s that Ruthless and Cruel!” Robert cried back.

I should think of something. I should save this innocent man from dying. I need to think something to escape out, Johnny thought to himself. There has to be something out here.I need to focus. Why was this house built in between a jungle? Was this an army base?There has to be some protective system around. Let me take a look around, Johnny thought to himself. Somehow convincing Robertson, Johnny stepped out in the dark. The firing had stopped, but they are watching my every moment, Johnny thought to himself. His soldier instincts had taught him to stay alert and focus on surroundings around, and he was doing exactly that.

As he walked, a strangled wire caught his attention. He bend down to feel it, as nothing was visible in darkness. He pulled the wire, and it budged a nearest stone. Johnny lifted it, and was taken by shock.

The wires were connected to a minefield. Johnny couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The whole house was surrounded by Pressure operated Blast mines, and they were inactivated. What these are doing here, he thought. Feeling the connection in the dark, he understood the mechanisms. These type of minefields had a relay connection, which needs to be activated through a network of batteries. They may have been planted not more than a couple of months ago, but if activated, they can still cause lot of damage.

“I have an idea, Robert. Do as I say.” Johnny rushed back in the house and told Robert. He ran downstairs, found the connection switches powered by batteries and activated the mines. Rushing upstairs, opening one of the windows, he started firing .Again shifting his position, he fired at the enemies. The enemies fired back. This happened for some time. Johnny kept firing continuously at them. And then abruptly, he stopped.

The enemies continued to fire. But Johnny stood still.

“Why you not firing at them? You want to get killed?” Robert asked him.

“Ssshhh...Stay silent. Just watch what I do..!” Johnny instructed him to stay quiet.

Some time passed. The enemies kept firing, but Johnny never fired back.

Inside the house, Johnny lay still on the floor, with Robert on his side. He had gagged Robert with a piece of cloth in his mouth, to stop him from speaking. He sensed the movements outside and waited. The enemies, thinking the soldier had died, slowly approached the gate. They gathered around the fence, trying to analyse the situation. Everything was still. Assuming they were out of danger; they crossed the fence to check, and stepped inside.

Without warning, the minefields exploded. All of them were wired, and instantly, as one of the enemy stepped on them, they caused a ring of deafening explosions. The enemy never got time to recover. Some of them retreated back, but the fragments from the mines injured them badly. With ground shattering explosions, all the minefields around the house exploded, causing some damage to the house itself.

As the ringing sound in his ears cleared, Johnny got up, and peeped outside carefully through the window. There was smoke outside, but almost everyone was killed, and whoever were left, were badly injured. The landmines had done their job perfectly.

Taking Robertson with him, Johnny exited the house from the back door in the dark; they both walked through the clearing, and headed north towards the river.

Robertson was now relieved. They were finally out in the opening, and were going at a safe distance. After walking for a couple of hours, they spotted the River, and Robertson asked him to stop.

“Leave me here my friend. I’ll carry myself from now. You keep going straight along the bank, and after walking for a couple of hours, you’ll see a village. That is a part of your allies. You can stay there until help arrives. And thank you my friend, you’re a very lucky guy.”saying this, he bid adieu to Johnny.

Johnny walked a couple of hours and reached the village. Villagers helped him get refuge with them. After some rest he radioed to his headquarters giving his exact location.

Some kilometres away, on the banks of the river, The Limping Man who called himself Robertson saw his crew on the distance. They waved to him, and he waved back.

He removed his scarf and stopped to wash his face. He saw the scar on his face. He removed the bandages he had applied on his palms and fingers. Those unique Islamic tattoos on his hands, place strategically on his palm were always a luck for him. He had kept them covered all the way till now to avoid getting identified. Sometimes, it’s required to be what you are not to escape from somewhere.

As he reached near his crew, they all welcomed him.

“Who helped you come till here?” The old man asked him.

“I had some unfinished task in the village. While returning back, I saw the troops fighting at the border. I disguised myself as an injured villager. A ‘Kind’ soldier helped me get till here.”

“Our people had come to save you, but the soldier fired back, thinking them as enemies. They planned to kill the soldier. But I heard they all got killed.” The oldest in the group asked.

“The soldier was smart. I had to keep my identity a secret. In return for that, they all got killed. I never leave anyone behind, do I?” YAHAB replied back.

As he sailed across in the river, the Evil Man, or the injured limping man, known as Abu-Al-Yahab, the Ruthless, Deadly and Cruel person, straightened his legs and sat back comfortably enjoying the river breeze.

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