An Afghan Tale

An Afghan Tale

2 mins 10.4K 2 mins 10.4K

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Venue: A classroom of deaf and mute fifteen year-olds.

Situation: There is an excursion the next day.

RASHID, who is an orphan and has lost his ability of hearing as a consequence of a dispute between the talibans and a local tribe. Who had started bombing randomly. One had struck the unfortunate Rashid, leaving him deaf for the rest of his life...

HUMA, a victim of acid attack. She wanted to pursue her career. While her family was forcing her to get married. She had slopes from home, but was soon caught and...

bless the local N.G.O.'s members. They found children on streets and brought them in and started schooling them.

A conversation between Rashid (deaf) and Huma (partly deaf and partly mute).

14th, February, 2000. 3:30 p.m.

*Lunch Break*

Rashid: ( dragging his impaired leg and sitting close to Huma.)

" 14.....Feeeeeeeb...." (chuckling)

Huma: (unable to understand, brings her good ear towards Rashid.)

" Whaaa......??" ( trying to enquire what Rashid was saying).

Rashid: (grinning deformedly) " Vaalen- t-n D..aye" ( blushing and smiling coyly).

Huma: ( tears swelling up in her eyes) " Tin....a, Teen....aa".

Rashid: (confused, unable to understand , why was Huma crying.) " t..t..teee..enna- ?!"

Huma: ( bursting into tears) " A... naaa..-- m...e" (trying to make Rashid understand, that was her mother's name...whom she misses dearly ).

HUMA was not crying because she was missing her mom - 'Tina' , but for the domestic violence she and her mother had to endure while they lived together. Huma , was sadder; for, now her mother had to endure the lashings of leather belt alone. She ( HUMA) was not able to help her mom by being a share holder ...

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