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Am I Being A Duff?
Am I Being A Duff?

© Vasundhra Awasthi

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That brand new 'one-sided' love. Thinking about him all the while (or her ... until there is an exception like DUHHH!!!!) And one fine day he/she says "I want to talk!!!!” heart beats up nausea feeling butterflies in the stomach.

And then the magic words starts-"you are really nice.I love talking to you." YOUR THOUGHTS, "he is going to say it...epppppp!!!!"

"You are going to help me in anything right?? You are my friend, So I was thinking that you can help me talk to your friend, she seems really nice and I think I have a crush on her."


You can kill him for this. Oh, wait!!!! You start hating your friend too?? Well, emotions can rule anyone at any point.

 OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!

If this has happened to you as well then maybe you are "THE DUFF" (designated ugly fat friend) and maybe all this while you were making your friend look even hotter.

And if you have started thinking that you are a loser and your life has ended and BLAH!! BLAH!! BLAH!!

Then SHUTUP!! And wake up. Like literary wake-up. STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF (which we always do in one way or the other). You right there. YES YOU!!!

You are the perfect example of beauty.May or may not be by looks but I am sure your true inner self is pure.

How can I be sure? Because I know that every girl is beautiful and no soul on earth can make her believe that she isn’t.

Look at you. You were the quickest among the 10,000 (or maybe more) sperms which fused the egg,so I mean how can you be ugly?

Girls are gods beautiful creation.(Irrespective of body and shape) and no "random guy" can make you feel like a loser.

“Love comes in all sizes!!!!!”

I am sure there would be many Bollywood fans out there!!

Girls waiting for their perfect raj (naam toh suna he hoga) and boys

Well! “BABY DOLL MAI SONE DI!” (not quite obvious if the guy possesses HUMAN BEING'S quality). 

Our own Bollywood mainstream movies have taught us that no matter how you look and what your size is. When it comes to true love these all things become secondary (if there is one). 

 Coming to guys!!!

 In the life that you are living, you meet guys who are the perfect definition of A**HOLES (Sorry for the language but who cares???).

And then there are "human beings" in other words MAN, highly mature or other good adjectives which can be used. Who are sensible enough to see the inner soul and not just plastic...

So if you really are 'THE DUFF' then be proud of it because I am sure your pretty friend cannot have that one quality which you possess and you can be excellent in it and by excellent I mean being so good that all this world believing in being hot, having great body and being beautiful, replace their judgement with the exceptional talent you have.

 OF COURSE, everybody is good at something. You just need to figure out what it is. And be awesome at it...Simple!!!! 

P.s - Don’t ruin the friendship. After all, she is your best friend (until you realize that it was a paradise). So get up!! Stand and shout at the top of your voice. What??? lam serious. Shout



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