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One Imagination
One Imagination

© Yash Joshi

Action Drama

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It was a rainy night. The probability of a storm was being broadcast through the Radios and T.V. channels. The first street of the Downtown was full with traffic and sounds of horns coming out of the cars owned by some very angry and suited people. Either they were off to work, or going back home to have rest. Stuart was working late that night, casually watching the traffic from the windows and cursing the people who were shouting and screaming just to get away from the traffic.

"Why are they all so angry at each other all the time?" he asked himself.

He nodded his head and took a sigh and got back to work. Suddenly there was an announcement from the building security that there has been an incident of theft in the premises and they informed everyone about the disguise of the thief as an adult girl with blonde hair and blue pair of jeans and t-shirt. They added that she was wearing a black mask and had a gun with a bag of some important documents that she had stolen. The security also announced that she was unable to escape and was still in the building. They told everyone to shut the doors of their respective offices so that the thief wont be able to hide anywhere and would have to surrender at last.

Stuart listened to the announcement and turned back to see if the door of his office was open. He saw the door as closed and took the chair and continued his work. After 10 to 15 minutes, the security took a knock on the door so Stuart opened and saw 3 guards standing outside the door. They barged in the office and began searching every cupboard. Stuart was standing there silently, watching the guards doing their job. After the guards couldn't find anyone in the office besides Stuart, they left.

As they were leaving Stuart gave them a pretty smile with his eyes closed and hair floating away from his forehead as he worked his hands through the hair, He then closed the door.

"You can come out now. They are gone." Said Stuart.

"Well, Someone is well aware of my presence and yet he chose not to disclose it. May I know why?" asked the masked lady hiding just behind the table of Stuart.

"If I had chosen that option, we would not be able to save our son and I would have regretted that decision my whole life" said Stuart as he leaned on towards her and hugged her tightly.

"Yes, my darling. This would save our son and our family" She replied and added "Besides, these insurance policies are all worthless and made for scams only"

"Are you sure your company will give us enough amount for these documents?" he asked with tears in his eyes.

"Yes, they have given me their word. What else could we put our faith upon now that everyone has either chosen to leave us in this sorrow or asked us for something that is way above our budget ?" she added, wipig the tears from his eyes.

"I was afraid when they knocked. Afraid that they might have caught you today." He replied.

"Let's go now, He would be waiting for us. He does not like to wait. Besides, he only has 10 months to live according to the doctor. Time is the only thing he needs now." She said while changing the disguise.

"I seriously thought the company will provide aid to the situation if they are cutting so much amount in Insurance premium. But the rules and terms murdered the hope that I had. I am never coming back here. Let's go" He said while reaching out for her hand.

They ran towards a new life, where they would not be betrayed and hurt by anyone. Towards a bright yet mysterious future, they ran. From all the scams, corruption, betrayal and anger. To the life which did not ask for any boot licking or forgiveness.

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