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Prince Of Peepal
Prince Of Peepal

© Yashfeen Asif

Drama Fantasy Thriller

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I waited for everyone to sleep, so that I can sneak out of the house to meet my best friend, Piopli, a very strange name, but he is the only one in this whole world, who really understands me.

I looked at the time, it was past midnight and hopefully everyone would be in their dreamland by now. I got up from bed, put on my hoodie and snuck out of the window.

I was smiling at the thought that everyone was scared to go near the banyan tree in the forest, during daytime and here I am, on my merry way to it, past midnight. I don't know how the banyan tree myth, about the evil sprits started but it was the only place where I feel at peace, a true sense of belonging.

I reached the majestic tree and sat down on my favourite spot and waited for him.

I don't know how he knows every time, that I am here. I have to wait only for five minutes and he plops down next to me as usual. When he did this first time, it scared me to death.

"Hey why are you looking so glum princi Amyra" he ask me in his deep husky voice.

"I am not looking glum. Will you ever tell me how you always know when I am here" I counter question him taking his attention away from my mood.

"I will tell you one day, when the right time comes. Now back to you, why are you sad."

He can never let go anything, he knows me inside out, as if he have a connection to my thoughts.

"Well, if I tell you, promise me not to gloat."

"What is it tell me and I promise I'll try not to gloat, okay" he says sincerely.

"Well you were right about that two timing boyfriend of mine he was good for nothing and I broke up with him today" when I said that it looked like he was truly happy with my break up, but it can't be and anyways it was dark I might me seeing things.

"See, I didn't gloat but I am happy, you found out the truth before getting hurt. Now forget about him, he doesn't deserve your time. Tell me what's new in your life"

With that I started sharing my past week with him and asking a couple of questions in between to him as well. What I didn't realise until now in our one year of friendship, was that, he has this uncanny ability to always side step any personal questions.

He has told me about his family, his sibling's antics and all the general stuff but nothing too personal like where he lives, what he does, etc.

It was around four in the morning and we were still talking all of a sudden a strange far away look came on his face, as if communicating in his mind. But that's not possible, I called out his name, still he didn't react in any away.

A few seconds later, as if coming out of his trance he asked me to get up in a frantic manner.

We both stood now he was completely dwarfing me, he is around 6'4" and I am 5'5". He took both my hands in his and asked me not to come here for a whole month.

"Promise me that you won't come here after midnight this month"

"Why what is wrong" I asked still in shock at his behaviour.

"Trust me Amyra. I will tell you everything after a month". He took my name not, princi Amyra, as he usually does and it showed how serious he is.

"OK. I promise but once the month is over, you will tell me every thing"

"I will, now please go and remember your promise" with that he kissed my forehead and waited for me to leave.

I reached home feeling dejected. I don't know the reason for his franticness but I knew there is something which he is hiding from me and when that truth came to light my entire life will be changed.

Ten days has gone past since that night and I have stuck to my promise. I don't know why I feel so alone with my family all around me. I have two brothers and a close knit family. For some strange reason, I don't feel a connection to them or any one else, as if I don't belong in this world. But Piopli is the only one I feel connected to for unknown reasons.

Today I am feeling very restless as if some earth shattering event is going to take place. I don't want to break my promise but I will go near the banyan tree but from behind. I was feeling this weird pull to go there.

I waited for midnight and snucked out of the house, to go in the forest. I took another route, it took me longer to reach there. Once I entered the forest and reached near the banyan tree I heard some peculiar chanting going on and a pull to go there and find out what is happening.

With my heart pumping I reached the middle of the forest near my tree and what I saw left me flabbergasted. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing, this is not humanly possible and in the midst of it all I saw my Piopli and then felt the darkness consuming me.

I was feeling as if I was floating some where, I opened my eyes and saw everything around me was made of banyan tree.

The bed on which I was lying, looked like an intricate work of an artist, who have sewn the buds of leaves into a comfortable bed with pillows attached to it and in the same manner the entire room was done with different shades of green.

What sort of a strange dream am I having. I thought to my self and tried to get up from bed. The moment I got up the leaves door opened up and in came Piopli, he was wearing leaves suit as if the artist has painted it on his body, showing all his muscles.

I started remembering how I came here and none of this was a dream. It was a very scary reality.

Piopli might have realized that I have remembered everything, he rushed towards me and took my hand in a comforting manner.

"Don't be scared. I will explain everything to you. Okay?"

He thinks I am scared of him but for some strange reason I am not. I feel as if I belong in this place even after witnessing that mind boggling ceremony which they were having. So I just nod my head at him to continue now I am truly intrigued to find out all about this.

He took a deep breath as if get some courage, gazing deep into my eyes he began.

"I don't know how much you are going to believe about what I am about to tell. So please don't interrupt in between let me finish first and then you can ask your questions."

I promised him that I won't, so he continued.

"This place is called Peepal, it is another dimension of this world and the people here are called peepli. What you saw out there was our blessing ceremony for the new born peepli. These leaves dress which I was wearing are normal clothes for us. Anything you want to ask me now" he questioned.

"Let's say I believe all this, then how come we don't know about this and what about the myth, which talks about evil spirits and all" I asked him in one breath.

"Why you don't know about all this is because 1000 years back from now, there was going to be a war between humans and peeplies. We have a lot of powers in us, we can take away the memories or play with it like turning the truth into hallucinations.
Humans got scared and started to plot the destruction of this dimension. But what they didn't know was some of us are gifted with the power of seeing future, when our king was informed about it, he started making his own plan to destroy humans.
When king's son and crown Prince heard this he was devastated as his soulmate was the human a king's only daughter. Together the prince and princess convinced their fathers not to initiate war. Rather they made them sign a peace treaty. According to that, we promised that we won't interfere in your world and humans will forget about our existence.

As for your evil spirit, well that was the part of treaty to scare away the humans because sometimes we do come to this dimension, if humans see us we just make them believe that they saw a ghost or something else."

I was completely speechless but for some peculiar reason I wanted to know what they eat, even though some times I have shared Pringles with him.

"What do you eat?" At my question he laughed out, shook his head at me.

"Trust you to worry about food, when I have been blabbering about different dimensions and species. Well princi Amyra we eat normal food but we prefer it uncooked, but one thing which we have to have is the glue which comes out of the tree." He said with amusement.

Satisfied I nodded my head but a thought strike me.

"Why didn't you erased my memory" he went still at my question and debated in his mind how to answer it.

"Remember how I told you about soulmates. Well there is one thing about my species we all have one soulmates and apart from that person, everyone is like a brother or sister to us."

"So what does that got to do with me and you not erasing my memory" I asked him still not getting the point.

"The thing that its got to do with you is that you are my soulmate Amyra." He waited for my reaction after declaring this.

I sat there looking at him like an idiot, not a single thing came to my mind.

"Your soulmate" I squeaked out at him.

"Yes my soulmate. Now it's upto you what you want to do about it. I will accept your decision. But remember one thing, if you decide to stay with me, you have to forget about your family, you can meet them but they won't remember you because I will have to erase their memory about you." He said with so much hope in his dark coffee eyes.

"I need time to think."

"That's fine. Take all the time you want I will wait for you here"

With that I got up from bed and followed him. It seemed like I was in a castle of tree. Everything was made with wood and leaves of different shade. Once we came out the view before me was picturesque. There was a still river on the side and the water in it looked like one big sapphire sat in the river bed.

Rays of sun was filletring from the space between the leaves. There were small cottages made up of tree and the people were wearing the same leaves suit but with different design.

As I was following Piopli I realised that people were staring at me in a peculiar manner, as if they were looking up to me. When I asked this to him he waved it off as if it was all in my head.

We came near a huge tree trunk with an opening at its base, he motioned me to enter it. When we stepped in it, it moved up in a very high speed and in a blink of an eye I was standing next to my banyan tree. I looked at him in a shock, this is the spot where I always find him. Now I know the reason.

"Sun is going to rise soon, leave before anyone sees you and please think carefully before making a decision. I'll wait for you."

I reached home in a trance and went about my day in usual manner, as if nothing untoward happened.

It took me a month to digest it all and another to make a final decision. I don't know why it took me so long to reach this decision when everything was so crystal clear.

I impatiently waited for midnight, so that I can tell him my decision. With everything set in order I rushed to my beloved tree.

The moment I arrived Piopli appeared out of thin air. We both stood like a statue gazing at each other without showing any emotions.

"So, what is it going to be?" he asked hesitantly.

"What do you think?" I asked him, still not giving out my decision.

"Please princi don't make me beg. Just tell me whatever you have decided. This wait for an answer is killing me"

"How can you not know idiot of course I will be with you. But I need some time to adjust."

The moment these words left me, I was enveloped in his strong arms.

"Take as much time you require princi. But are you hundred percent sure." I just nodded my head still in his arms.

Now I know why I never felt at home in my world because my home is in his arms.

He kissed my forehead and took me to his world. We came out of the truck and saw everyone was bowing down to us.

I looked up ar Piopli but he was looking at everyone with a sweet smile and asked them to stand up.

Everyone was beaming at us and spoke out with a roar "LONG LIVE PRINCA PIOPLI AND PRINCI AMYRA"

I looked sharply at Piopli. He scratched his head sheepishly.

"Well I sort of forgot to tell you that I am the king and you will be the queen."

I knew that he was scared of my reaction, so I dint give any, letting him stew for a while.

I turned to the people and thanked them for their warm welcome. No matter what happens I know that Piopli will always support me. The prince of Peepal was my dream prince.

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