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My Complicated Love Life
My Complicated Love Life

© Ajay Kumar

Drama Romance Tragedy

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Since my childhood I studied in a Boy's School and also in my family, we all five were boys, not a single sister, which means there was no connection with girls. Completing my school life, I got admission in co-ed college, which was like a dream come true.

The very first day I took entry like SRK and the expectation was damn high because I had watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai last night; before entering the classroom my happiness was at the peak, but after entering the classroom, I was shocked because I could see Salwars in place of skirts and sticky hair instead of silky, smooth open hair. I thought something was wrong with me but soon I realised the reality is that what Bollywood shows is totally a scam.

After 2-3 months I started thinking how to become popular in college. And then I got two reasons to become popular - first, spend money or second ,make a GF. Looking at my empty pocket, I chose the second option and after too many failed efforts I proposed a girl and luckily she accepted my proposal.

One day she wanted to go for a movie and we went for the movie "Inception". I had watched Bollywood movies in Hindi and she took me to a movie like Inception that too in English. Anyway I was very much happy, not because of the movie but something happened in the theater. At home lying on my bed I was thinking about my future with the same girl. We were enjoying our company and the days and months passed.Then came the time when we were not caring for each other the same way - illogical fights, arguments and blah blah...

But one day In the evening she messaged me - "hey, I don't think we should see each other"

Just after the messages I wanted to resolve the matter but this time I was not able to save our relationship and finally she was gone. But I was still in love with her and after the break up I was totally in depression. People started calling me Devdas, premi, etc.

My parents got me admitted to a tuition. It was a dusty evening; I was sitting in my tuition and a girl entered the room and I was awestruck again as she was beautiful.Though I had never seen her before but my heart was trying to say something. I was waiting for a moment to talk to her and I found that opportunity when she was in the corridor. I went there and asked her for coffee, she smiled and said, "so sorry to say no! But not today we would go for it next day for sure."

And she took the taxi to her home. This two minutes of conversation was like a fantasy, her friendship was healing my heart and I was recovering to a normal life. I was not going to college everyday but tuition, I simply couldn't miss. One day, she gave me her mobile number and the late night calls, messages all things had started once again. In the evening I was sitting in the corridor and she called me and said, "I am irritated let's have a smoke."

As I was madly in love with her so, I tried to push my limit and we both went to a roadside shop for the cigarette. From my childhood I had seen many Bollywood heroes smoke in films and copied their style. But in truth, I did not know how to smoke. And I learned it later. Our love story was blooming day by day but unfortunately one day I went to a restaurant and I saw my love was dating another guy; she shamelessly looked at me and it was a very awkward and embarrassing moment for me. Next day I picked my phone and messaged her, "hey, I don't think we should see each other."

And then what I realised was that the time I had wasted in them should have been given to my study - my numbers would have increased.

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