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Ch 4. An Unplanned Adventure
Ch 4. An Unplanned Adventure

© surbhi Talreja


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It was only four past ten in the afternoon, but the heavens deceived the time. The afternoon appeared more like evening; time was passing very quickly. We had already driven out of the Maggi Point in Dehradun. Our next destination was Clouds End, Mussoorie.

‘How far is Clouds End from here?’, Nia asked.

‘It is only a matter of one hour; babes’ replied Kriti.

‘We will reach there far before the closing time’.

Desi Girl, my desi girl girl girl Alisha played the latest sensational song of her lady love-Priyanka Chopra and started dancing inside the car itself. The roads were vibrating with their songs playing in full volume, but who can stop the girls?

‘Finally, Clouds End it is’, Nia shouted. They took out the beer which was carefully filled in Appy fizz bottles. Alisha jumped out of the car in excitement. They ran towards their destination. The whole atmosphere was serene, and there was nobody except we three. Alisha ran towards the echo point and shouted,’ Rohan, you fu*kk’, the name of her crush who turned down her proposal. Nia and Kriti could not control their laughter. ‘If I die laughing today, the whole blame will go on Alisha’, said Nia.

The girls played the loud music Jee karda of Singh is king and took out their bottles and started dancing. And the list of party songs, talli hua, chhalia chhalia played on their mobile phones. ‘THIS IS THE BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE’, Alisha shouted. ‘Oh God, it is already 6:30, the gates might be going to close’ Kriti said in a fearful tone. But Alisha and Nia were in no mood for leaving the place.

They stopped the music, and Alisha whispered something in Nia’s ear, both were terribly drunk. Kriti sensed the trouble. ‘No way!!’ Shouted Kriti, we cannot even think of doing this’. ‘Come on, yaarr life mein ek baar risk toh banta hai’, ‘Come one, my friend it is good to take a risk once in a lifetime’, Alisha said in a drunken voice.

So, the plan was to stay whole night in the park, and it was executed successfully. Without anybody noticing us except….

‘Let us hide in the washroom and lock ourselves for some time till the place becomes vacant’, said Alisha. ‘Okay’, both Nia and Kriti agreed and regretted the same time but then they remembered the great lines once told by a saintly woman that risk should be taken at least once in a lifetime.

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