Dreams to die for

Dreams to die for

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Dreams is that when say something pops up in your mind which you desire to want that to happen just now. There is different types of dream that is you dream when you sleep but here dreams which we talk about is a cherished aspiration,ambition ,or ideal that everyone who have for their own believes.

If you ask me what would be my dreams which strongly I want to fulfill is that I have many dreams which some are fulfilled and some are not. One of my dream is to roam around to the places of different people, languages and smells of soils of different countries.

And if you ask which is my first dream?it is that I wanted to the place where I belong..

Mountains with the top of snow surrounded all around.Rivers flowing from the valley which I want to feel it and side of rivers filled with colour of flowers which I want to see it. People of kind heart busy living their life surrounded by natural. Animals of different kinds living their life as no one is there to harm them. I want to feel the air of my country and yes the place like this still exists and it's not another then Tibet, my dream land. You would feel strange that why my own country becomes a dream land when it is your country. It is because that I now become a refugee and I can only dream of my country. But unfortunately the life we have before was destroyed by cruel Chinese govt. The dream I have which becomes is that I could only see blocks of building ,people were put in bars and animals becomes decoration in the zoo .But still I want to visit Lhasa potala capital of Tibet which now becomes a tourist place of the world. The place which I would love to visit again. Yes this is my dream to die for. Dreams doesn't work unless you do. So I say

"Dreams with I live in and

Dreams which live in me".

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