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Together We Can Reach The Sky
Together We Can Reach The Sky

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There once lived a little boy by the name Vansh in a remote village but had dreams of touching the sky. The people in his village were poor and were deprived of even basic facilities. There were no hospitals or schools in their village and they had to travel a long way through the thick forests to reach the city. Vansh used to shed silent tears when some critically ill person from his village had to be carried by his villagers in the dead of the night through the perilous roads of the jungle to the hospital in the city. All the villagers were poor and their families thrived on the meager income they earned by toiling day and night.

At the tender age of 9, Vansh was determined to save his fellowmen from the perils they had to undergo day after day. He made his mind to study hard as that was the only way he could succeed in his mission. To get to his school, he had to walk a long way through the forests and then take a boat to cross the river. His father was a poor farmer and their family of 8 siblings used to live in a small cottage. But in spite of everything, Vansh carried out with his studies sincerely and dexterously.

His hard work paid the day when he took charge as an IAS officer. His set out on his mission of bringing about development in remote villages and provide them with basic facilities like safe drinking water, electricity, and medical treatment. People from his village were so proud of him when they realized that he didn't toil to assure a secure life and prosperous future for him only but also for each and every one of them. He provided his villagers with better transport facility and built up a school and a hospital for them. His eyes glinted with pride as he saw his village developing into one that had all the modern facilities. Now his aim was to do the same in every village and bring about overall development and prosperity in his country. He always did firmly believe that - "together we can reach the sky."

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