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A Web Of Help
A Web Of Help

© Tanvi Vaswani

Children Drama

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Nidhee got up early in the morning with a smile on her face. She was looking forward to this day for 10 years. Now that the day was finally here, she didn’t want to be late. After all she had spent 10 years in boarding school and now after finishing her 10th grade she could finally stay at home. Yes, she would miss her friends, but she will try to meet them as many times as possible.

She quickly dressed up and packed all her ‘last-minute packing things’. She was so excited that she had neatly packed all her things, the night before. She took all her things and went to the lobby. She sat there along with her friends. One by one, everybody’s name was called out and they were sent to their parents, who were waiting outside. When Nidhee’s name was called out she ran towards her parents and embraced them tightly. Then they left for home.

Upon reaching home, Nidhee and her parents chit-chatted for a long time and then they decided to watch a late night movie. After the movie, they were very tired and quickly went off to sleep. The next morning the regular routine began. Nidhee prepared breakfast for her parents, which they ate hurriedly and left for work. Now Nidhee was alone at home with nothing to do. She decided to go outside and found an old friend of hers looking into her smart phone. “Are you Tina? Do you remember me?” asked Nidhee.

The girl smiled and replied, “Oh Nidhee, it’s you! I am not Tina, dear. I am Pia. Do you remember the short girl with chubby cheeks? That’s me.” “Ah yes! Now I remember. It’s really nice to see you after such a long time.” said Nidhee, “Would you accompany me for a walk?” “Sure, why not?” said Pia. As they both walked, they recollected their childhood memories, how they had had so much of fun.

They were so busy talking, that Nidhee did not notice a stone and tripped over it. She hurt herself badly. A man standing at a nearby shop helped her stand up and took her to her building. When they reached her building, Nidhee thanked the man and said, “Have we met before Uncle?” The man man replied, “I feel the same. Oh! Yes, now I remember- Outside Shukla boarding school! I had nothing to eat and you gave me packets of biscuits and chips. You helped me during my difficult times and today I have helped you. Isn’t it strange?” Nidhee said, “It restores our faith in the saying ‘Whatever you give, comes back to you’. Thank you for your help uncle. Let’s continue making this web of help bigger and bigger.”

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