The Prom Day

The Prom Day

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It’s a story about my girlfriend whom I always said that I blindly trusted her but when the opportunities came and when I should have trusted her I always had a little bit of confusion upon weather the trust towards my girl is true or it’s just a showing.

I and my girlfriend are in a relationship for last 3 years and in these entire 3 years I have never walked with her placing my hand on her back. And finally the day came; on 21st March 2015 when I got this opportunity on my very own college fest. I requested her to be there with me and enjoy the college fest.  It was the first time when I rode with her in my car and we both were very happy but the very next day a prom was arranged by my college where she wasn’t able to come along with me and she got upset for I was going there with another girl. She got jealous, may be she wasn’t showing her emotions to me, maybe she was deliberately showing her fake smile, maybe she doesn’t want me to get to that prom but only for my happiness she was happy and was spending that time with me happily.

Finally, on the college fest day I placed my hand on her back and we both roamed all around my college. I shared some of the happiest moments of my life. It was one of the most loving moments of my life but at the end of the day I realized, what does that hand on the back meant to a girl - her feelings, her emotions everything. I got to understand on that very same day and I was feeling guilty that just because she wants me to be happy, she wants me smiling; she trusted me but I didn’t. That day I learnt that just saying isn’t important; everything should be felt by heart. In the night I realized my mistake but never said a word to her. All I did was that I cancelled my prom day. I didn’t want her to be sad because of me anymore.

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