Have Patience And Have Faith

Have Patience And Have Faith

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I used to play cricket with boys bigger than me. They always made me stand for fielding and give no batting and bowling. I used to get sad. Then my father told me that you stand and field for a full day and see. Then I did what my father told. Then I got to do batting and I had hit many runs. They were impressed by me and started sending me to open the innings. I started scoring runs and was very happy. And in less than 2 years I have scored 45 half centuries and 13 centuries.

My real inspiration was Virat Kohli, When I saw his stats it was that his first 50 matches he scored nearly 1000 runs and in his next 50 matches he had scored more than 3000 runs. He used to practice a lot seeing Sachin Tendulkar and now I am seeing him and practicing.

He is a true example of people who lose hope when they are not able to do something. Now Virat has played more than 200 ODI matches in which he has an better average than Sachin Tendulkar and now the fastest to 1000, 3000, 7000 and 9000 ODI runs. With over 31 International Centuries. Salute to such a man. He has a nick name Run-Machine.

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