A Bottle Of Blood

A Bottle Of Blood

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Bisua is now in a splendid mood. His wife is not hankering after him today. Daughter is also not crying as usual. His son is not squabbling for food. In a nut shell, everyone is happy today. Because, he has brought everything today.

Wife is not showing tantrums, even not daring him to leave home. Daughter is making hair and dreaming of becoming a princess. Son is taking food with a perfect bliss. His toy train is roaming all over the house. In fact Bisua's small world is now in an unusual symphony.

 At last after taking last gasp of food, His wife is asking bisua, "Tell the truth,From where have you got so much of money..?"

Bisua responded, "He gave me"

"Who..?" quick came a strong reaction.

"Whom I gave.." Bisua replied.

"What…What did You give..???" with utter surprise, asked his wife.

 "Just a bottle of blood" 

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