Me Too

Me Too

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Today was Monday and once again the sun had risen and was majestically sitting in the sky making it a beautiful sunny day. John was ready in his new school dress to go to school as it was his first day in the new city in which his family had moved to few weeks back. He was a bit worried as he was thinking about what type of friends he would make there. He got ready and took his breakfast, gave his mother a kiss and ran to the car where his father was waiting for him. 

"Cmon son, you are getting late," said his father.

"No, I am not," saying this he hopped onto the front seat.

As the car was moving on the road, he kept thinking about his past friends in his old town. How he used to play with them and was happy. How he fought with his dad the day he came to know that they had to leave within a week. He did not want to leave his town and his friends there. That night he remembered he cried and was sobbing the whole night. He stopped playing with the friends from the next day thinking it would be hard to leave them if he would be in their company in the last days.

"It would be such a great day for you, you will make lots of friends here," his father said with a smile on his face. But john seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. The car stopped near the gate of the school. He came out and bid goodbye to his dad.

"All the best!" his dad cheered him up.

"Thank you dad!" he replied with a forced smile on his face.

Then his father started the car and went away. He turned towards the gate and found a girl was standing alone there. He went to her and said, " name is john ..why are you here all by yourself in the sun?"

She kept silent and did not reply.

"Are you waiting for someone?" asked he with curiosity.

She did not reply.

"Okay...if you want to can wait, may be in the shadow there...what do you think?" he asked her.

But again no reply came back.

"Hmm..its Okay..if you don't want to talk..I think I am getting late..I should go inside," he told her. But she neither moved nor said anything.

He felt offended finding that she didn't even bother to reply.

"What happened?...Is there any problem?..See you can say something ...only I am talking here..." he said rather in a serious tone. But again she was silent.

"See..if you have any can tell me ..may be I can fix it," he said with confidence and a little bit anger. She still remained the same. It really made him angry this time.

"Can't you speak?..I am just trying to help you here.." he shouted a little.

The girl was still standing with her face hidden with her long black hair. Suddenly he heard a mild sobbing sound. She was crying. John felt bad of his behaviour. He took off his bag and kept on the ground and spoke in a mild voice.

"Look I am sorry that I shouted..this is my first day in this school and I have left my town and friends and moved here.." he said to her in a sincere voice.

She looked at him with innocent eyes full of tears and with faltering voice said.. "Me too".

"Are you new too?" he laughed a little saying that and was finally happy that she replied.

"But why are you crying?" he asked her with a smile on his face.

"I don't like it here.. I want to go home," she said while sobbing and wiping her tears with her hands.

"Okay...we will do something about that..but first we have to go inside.. we are already late and I don't think it will be a good impression on the teachers if we get too late..lets go," said he happily in bold voice and picked his and her bag and started walking.

After few steps, he turned around and found she was still a bit hesitant to move.

"Are you coming or not?" he said with confidence as if he knew she would come along. She joined him and they entered the school.

"You didn't tell me your name..did you?" he asked her with doubt.

"My name is Lisa," she replied gently.

"Which class are you in Lisa?" he asked her wondering which way should he be going to take her to her class.

"3rd standard and you?" she spoke in a low voice.

Suddenly John felt as if he was relieved of all the worries he had been carrying along since he left his town and friends and felt relaxed and peaceful at heart.

"I am in 3rd standard and you?" she said a little louder thinking that he might not have heard her the first time.

"Me too," John said looking towards her with a big smile and walked happily with his head held high.

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Me Too

Me Too

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