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What If....
What If....

© Shrikant Sawant

Drama Thriller

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We will begin with Anant , Age 17, your standard engineering student, loves football, hates Shah Rukh Khan movies and for some unknown reason, is a fan of Chetan Bhagat's book.

He was on his way to meet up with friends for a night out. It was going to be double dhamaka for them. Not only it was a birthday celebration of Vicky, but they had Rahul’s whole house for themselves. On top of that Vicky had manged to get the beer bottles. It was going to be his 1st booze party. It was like a step into next phase of their life. He was waiting for call from Rahul confirming that his parents have left home for going to their Native place. It was hard for him to contain the excitement. He was already imagining the fun they are going to have; Its going to be a night unlike anything he has experienced before in his young life. He had no idea how right he was.

Location: Mumbai, 10th Floor of An Office,

Time: 8:30 PM,

Few Kilometres from Anant, in the office situated on the 10th floor; there was a man in hurry. He was trying his best to finish the pending work as soon as possible. “Supriya is going to be mad” Ravi Jadhav said to himself. He had asked her to wait at station and not to go home directly. They were going to go home together. He should have left the office around half n hour ago. She must have already reached station and must waiting for him he thought. One thing he hated the most in the world was disappointing her.

She was everything to him. She was the centre around which his whole world revolved. After all, daughters do have a special place in their father’s life. And today was a special day. Ever since he received the courier in the afternoon he was on the 7th haven. Guilty feeling which was bothering him over the last month was finally over. He knew financial condition was tough for the family over the last year or so. What made it worse was that all though Riya was hiding it, she really wanted a new mobile phone.

The facts that he was not able to fulfil his princess wish was eating him from inside. But like a ray of sunshine blighting up the cloudy day, last week he got a mail which brightened his mood. He had received a hefty bonus. As soon as he saw the amount in the letter, first thing he did was, placing an order for the Mobile phone which Riya wanted on online shopping portal.

He was so happy that he didn’t want to wait till he reached home to give the good news to her. Ravi wanted to give the mobile phone to Riya as soon as possible; He was already imagining the expression of joy and surprise on Riya’s face when he will give her the gift. The wide-eyed look of excitement with which she will open the gift box. Countless selfie’s they will take; once they reach their home tonight and how she will make all of them make pout in the pics. It’s going to be night they would like to remember and relive for a long time. He had no idea how wrong he was.

“Why this happens to me only?? “Mr. Jadhav, said to himself while cursing his luck. His plan to surprise his daughter Supriya was falling apart. He was getting irritated.

Time 8:45 PM, Railway station; Platform No 2;

A young girl was sitting by herself on the bench of platform 2, inside one of the most prestigious buildings in Mumbai City, waiting for her father. You must have guessed her name by now. She was the one who had no idea she was about to get the phone she wanted so badly. Apple of her dad’s eye, you are correct my reader, the 3rd and final character of the story, the string which ties Ravi and Anant on this evening, she is Supriya.

Just like any other teenager of her age, Supriya was engulfed in her own world, oblivious to people around her. People who were rushing to catch the trains, hoping against hope that somehow, they will get a place to stand comfortably, many wishing that they get enough space in the compartment where they can watch episode of big boss or chat with angry Jaanu on mobile. But all of them are trying to reach home early; so, they can spend time with their loved ones before they repeat the whole cycle tomorrow morning. Among all this chaos Supriya was busy tapping away on her phone, busy in chatting with her friends Nidhi and Pallavi (Also referred as “Bff’s now a days, this generation is going to hell I tell you) about the hideous dress Nisha wore today.

But that discussion was also becoming old. Patient was not one of the qualities she possessed. Supriya had a tendency of getting bored easily. And without anyone to talk to, then forget her, any 17-year old wouldn’t really enjoy sitting at such place for a long time. If it was any other occasion and someone else had made her wait for so long, she would have left by now. But after all it was her “Dada” who had asked her to wait, and Supriya loved her dada more than anything and she never disobeyed him. But still, the wait was getting too much for her. She needed something to pass the time, impatient child that she was. She checked her watch for the umpteenth occasion.

Time 8:50 pm

“Dada where are you??” supriya muttered under her breath. “What the hell am I supposed to do?” she thought.

She didn’t receive the answer to her query until 5 minutes later. A boy of her age was making his way to the bench she was seating on. Supriya immediately became conscious of herself and sat much straighter, although she didn’t really think that the boy was intentionally seeking out her company. After all, the bench she was seating on was the only one with empty seat.

She pretended to be busy with texting as the guy sat to her right, bringing out his headphones. He didn’t say anything at all, didn’t even glance at her with his chocolate brown eyes to meet her electric-blues. She looked away with bit of disappointment. She came to the conclusion that she was wasting her time with him and paid him no attention of her own. She just found him cute and it’s a shame he didn't have much of people skills. ‎

Time 8:50 pm

Anant was still waiting for the call from his friend. Rather than standing around, he thought it’s better to sit. It was going to take time. He searched around and saw one seat on a bench (I tell you reader, forget getting a seat in train now a day getting seat on platform benches is a tough task). He was walking towards the bench when he saw her, she was wearing blue kurta and black jeans, had jet black hair tied back neatly and the silver earrings n fancy bracelet was adding to her beauty. She seemed busy in her mobile. As soon as he had seen her, Anant’s body language automatically changed, it did not matter if she was an unknown person but just like every boy of his age, female presence, especially when it’s such a eye pleasing creation of god; it has an unique kind of an effect on guys.

He decided to show a bit attitude while walking towards her. Intentionally acted in a such a way that it would seem she is not even present next to him. He put his headphones on while seating next to her.

(And I hope you wonderful readers must have guessed by now, this is the exact moment when the path of my stories many characters crossed with each other. Let’s fast forward the story by few minutes, its about to get interesting)

Time 8:56 pm

After getting bored of chatting, supriya had started playing one of the many games which were present in her mobile. This was a game where birds are used as suicide bombers to demolish the house of pigs (Who the hell comes with such games). She was just about to clear Level 153, when her ears pricked up a humming of a tune. For some reason it was sounding familiar; she stopped the game and tried to listen more carefully. The more she listened the more it sounded like her favorite song. More than 6 months had passed since she had heard this song, but it still gave her the same thrill just like the first time. Over last six months, supriya had become obsessed with the song. she had even kept it as her ringtone. She used to sing it everywhere –, her home, at college with her friends, even to her pet dog Simba. Discreet as much as possible, she leaned slightly to her right to know if that was the boy was listening to. With renewed interest, she looked at him; he wasn’t looking at her and he was enjoying. His humming got a bit louder, he was literally singing.

All though Anant was enjoying the song and looked like he is lost in his own world, from corner of eye he could see, the girl next to him was trying to lean towards him.

Before she realized; without warning he turned towards her while singing and saw her staring back at her with a curious smile. Neither of them was expecting it. Both felt little embarrassed. Luckily for her, he spoke first, “I am really sorry, it’s just an awesome song. I couldn’t help myself from singing.

“Don’t be sorry; I get it, Hai he itna catchy song,” Anaya said. “it’s their best work”,

“I know right?” the lyrics the beats, the way tempo increase during the end it perfect “. He said. Bit relaxed now; He turned towards her, put his headphones down.

Hi, I am Anant. he spoke with confident voice on the outside, inside he was warning himself” Act cool, act cool, don’t say something stupid”

After the introduction, they talked more about the song, their common interest in music. Where they went to college. They chatted along like they are old friends catching up.

She was glad that her friends were not with her today. What if they were with her, doubt this conversation may have happened.

Anant was happy that Rohan’s parents were late in leaving home; otherwise he would have never sat on the bench. All though he had a look of confidence smile on his face, Anant's mind was in overdrive, what would be the perfect way by which he could get this girls phone number without coming across as Romeo.

“Time: 9: 15 PM”

Finally, the day is over. Ravi thought while entering the lift of his office. Just 10 minutes more and he will be at station. Supriya will be upset at him being so late, but he knew, once she sees her gifts all will be forgiven

“Time: 9: 25 PM”

I’ll just buy a bottle of water” said Anant while getting up. Supriya just game nod with a smile on her face. she called her dad again to know where he was. First time in the evening she wished he should be a bit more late.

“Time: 9: 29 PM”

Can’t believe this is happening, Anant said to himself. He felt like he is one of the TV shows. Hero and heroine meeting in a chance encounter and becoming friends out of nowhere. He was just about to turn back after buying the bottle, a thought crossed his mind. He decided to buy the pack of chocolate cream biscuits. You never know this may help his case Anant thought and felt nice about his quick thinking.

“Time: 9: 30 PM”

He was walking towards supriya, trying best to walk with swagger, then it happened.

He didn’t realize at first but; he was on his knees. He looked down; the white shirt his mother has given him on his birthday was turning crimson red. Bullet had passed through his heart. He fell to the ground; his last thought was attempt to imagine his families face. Before he could picture all of them; blackness engulfed him.

“Time: 9: 35 PM”

Supriya was scared, the screaming, people running everywhere, she tried to run but she froze. Unable to control her tears anymore she started crying. She saw a pillar and decided to hide behind herself. She tried to remember prayer her grandmother told her to say whenever she gets scared, but she was not able to remember the words. She wished to be at home, hug her mother, to feel the warmth of her embrace.

She didn’t even realize the moment, when it happened, she was dead before she knew it, bullet had found her head. There were no last thoughts.

Location CST station, Date 26 Nov 2008 Time 9:30 PM

No matter who you are, in which part of world you are, almost all of the people in the world want same things. All of them yearn for more love, all wish they had more time. They face troubles every day, no matter how though it gets, more often than not they keep moving forward. Why? Because they all have an eternal hope. Hope that one day everything will be all right & they will get a happy ending

But all of them ignore one eternal truth of life, the truth all fear, the truth no one likes to speak about openly, the truth which always wins in the end no matter how much you ignore it. The truth about me.

“Death” is the final truth of life. No matter how you have lived your life, I am your final destination. You all are same in front of me. Sooner or later, we will meet. Sometimes without warning. You may try to delay it but you will never cheat it.

I don’t find joy in doing what I do. It’s the role assigned to me by your favorite all mighty. I just wish the amount of time you spend prying too him, take a bit of time to worship your own self also. Do the things which you like, do not give a damn what the world may think. Cause no matter if you leave your life fully or not I will come looking for you. And in some case unexpectedly like in the life of poor characters of this story

So, it’s better to act on everything you wish to do. Life is 2 short to imagine what if’s…

life short expectations

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