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The Girl Without The Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Without The Dragon Tattoo

© Vibin Baburajan

Inspirational Romance

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Year 2000 and I moved to a new locality. Instantly I fell in love with it. It was so refreshing to see the neighborhood guys playing cricket and the huge playground they had to play. As generally we don’t find grounds to play in my city. The crowded shops, the video game joints, pani-puri stalls, my new locality had it all. I then met the girl, the girl without the dragon tattoo: A cute and bubbly girl with short hair held using a hair band; all her crooked teeth braced together to make it even prettier, her animated eyes when she smiles could make any heart melt. There is something about her that made others instantly forgive and forget all the troubles she caused. Imagine a fourth grade girl walking up to the vegetable vendor and asking him to give her a tomato to eat and telling him that,” I will not pay for it. And if you don’t give it for free, god will poke your eyes” A girl, who has the nerve to break a television, a girl who can walk up to a guy and challenge him for a bicycle race. She is a definitely one of a kind. The day she asked me for a cycle race I had a feeling that I would be friends with her. Strangely, I never took the initiative to talk to her (probably didn’t have the balls). Now back to the bicycle race, I started the race well before time, as irony has it, that was the first and last time she will ever chased me. Though, I must say that I was never interested in girls due to my shy and studious nature. I was so innocent that the only chemistry I knew was between chemical elements and not opposite sexes. If ISO audits the behavior of guys, I would be taken as the benchmark. We started spending time together and with every passing day we grew closer. The friendship bloomed with time and so did her dad’s business. Sadly for me, they shifted to a better locality far away from my home. Then for the first time in my life, I knew how hard it is to fill the void created by a person, when they leave. But time is the best medicine. Though the first few months were boring as hell, the memories faded with time and I had forgotten her completely. At least, that’s what I thought though. A few years passed by and my life had changed a lot, personality included. I was not the same shy boy anymore. I was turning confident or arrogant, or you may call it, I started having an opinion. The guy who said ’two people meant to be together, will be together ‘, is a genius. And boom she was back, this time I had to use a new set of adjectives to draw a mental picture. Beautiful and classy rather than cute and bubbly. The adolescence wave had hit her too, the talkative and naughty girl was now a silent and shy person. I so loved the changed demeanor and so did the other guys (guys if you ever do it again, I will find you and kill you). The only reason I still respect the board exams is that she shifted to her relative’s place to prepare for it. So boom, she became my neighbor again. Though I have turned arrogant, showing attitude towards girls is a sin *winks, pretty girls* and moreover I was genuinely excited. So as soon as I met her, I gave a nice wide smile. She gave me a surprised and disgusted look and walked away. My male ego was badly hurt, visible bruises zero, internal bruises hard to count. I promised myself that I will never ever and ever again smile at her. And you would definitely know that arrogant people can be very adamant too, my determination level was on a life time high. Few weeks passed by and it was very awkward even when we met accidentally. I avoided looking at her and tried my best to show her that I am avoiding her. Few days passed by and all of a sudden, I heard a sweet voice calling out my name. Involuntarily, I knew it was her. She waved and asked if she could borrow my newspaper. My shameless hand responded and I obliged like a dog. I broke my promise to my own self (‘shame shame puppy shame, all the monkeys know your name’ one part of me was teasing the other part). This newspaper borrowing became a routine, not that I was complaining. I was enjoying it even. After a few weeks a tiny smile and a dangerous blush accompanied the routine. Though I didn’t have any feelings for her, any guy would have few minor heart attacks if a pretty girl smiles. I was in doubt whether she is in love or just a shy sweet girl. Moreover my mom always warned me that,” Even if girls fall in love but they will study, but guys wont. You are already 65% and if you fall in love, gone baby gone.” But before my mind can process any of this, heart started its betrayal (God used china made processor for mind, but snapdragon processor for heart). Within a span of few weeks, I developed the blushing syndrome too. The only job I had was to wait for her to come and collect the newspaper. I am probably one of the best newspaper delivery boys that the world has never seen. Now we started exchanging smiles and glances, nuclear fission will be put to shame in comparison to the number of reactions that were taking place inside me every single time she smiled. After a year I walked up close to talk to her, I gave her a year’s so that she can be comfortable, as you already know I knew no fear. Okay, I never got the courage, she spoke to me. She asked me if I could fill in her scrap book. And I wrote, ‘the things that I love are cars, bikes and you’. I felt so complete, I thought my job was done. And I was confident that she would call me to tell me that even she is in love. My city looked greener, the sky bluer, everything was so perfect. But breaking hearts is easier than peeling the skin of a banana for girls. She didn’t call and she didn’t even bother to smile. But I got a text from her and it read ‘hello brother’ (Sad emoticon + Crying emoticon + Angry emoticon = my face). Animated movies show that heart breaks perfectly in the middle, into two equal halves. But in reality, it looks like pieces of Lays after Mr.Inzamam Ul Haq had sat on it. But when you are even close to a person as awesome as me you are bound to fall in love. Ha I know you cannot throw tomatoes and eggs on me while reading a blog. But the process of making a girl understand your love and to convince her that life is going to be perfect ever after is a tough job indeed. All I can stay is it takes time and it is worth the wait. And when it happens, she attains full power, you will never regret giving her the key to the crazy ride called life. Because that what makes you complete. She becomes your second mother, first critic and primary banker. That girl doesn’t have to have a perfect ass, doesn’t have to look like a model, doesn’t have to be a fashion icon, and doesn’t have to pose like a duck. All she has to do is just turn up and your arteries will start its job. Even scuba diving or racing doesn’t provide you the equivalent amount of rush that a single eye contact from girl you love could. She will walk into your life for sure. When she does hold on tight, like you would hold on to a branch of a tree if you know that if you leave it, you will die. Because, in the good times you can have fun with anyone, but in the bad times you can have fun with only ‘THE ONE’. By now you know it is a happy ending. But still, the messages Girl without dragon tattoo: Hi. U der? Boy: No. Girl: Pls listen to me. Boy: What do you want? Just leave me alone. You told me you don’t have any feelings right. Girl: Not that, I am afraid. Tat is wat I meant. Boy: Afraid of what? Girl: Whether this would work out? I don’t want 2 get into smtg and walk out with a broken heart. Boy: * jumps up and down* you called me brother and now you are telling me that you are afraid. Trying to fool me again? But all I can tell is that I love you and we will be happy together. Trust me. Girl: Okay J J Boy: Okay? Meaning what? Girl: U already know. Boy: *typing* Girl: I love you, always have been you (Received June27, 2008).

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